Monday, June 16, 2014

5/26/14 New Move Call.....I am now a Senior Companion!!!

1). How was your temple trip???  Was it totally amazing?  Did you like the new video?  Does kit sound weird in Chinese?  Could you understand it? SO GOOD!!! I loved going to the temple!  I did endowments in English and sealings in Chinese.  For the sealings, I only understood the amen part.

2). What did do in Taipei after the temple trip, did you guys eat there?  I saw pictures of you guys on the bus.  Cool!  After the temple we went back home. Yup.  We ate on the bus.... it was just food we packed...

3). So, did you find out what going on with you in regards to transfers? I'm staying! I'm now senior companion!  Sister Pope is my new companion.

4). Did you ever get my photos?  I am wanting to send you another package with photos and such but I want to make sure that you are going to get them. 
I got them! Yay! Thanks for the snacks too.  Though, the drink stuff kind of exploded.  No pictures were harmed though.
5). Have you eaten the Mua wan yet?

7). What are your plans for today?
Buy groceries... sleep...

8). So, did you like your picture in the pictures?  Do you like looking at the pictures?  I just thought I would upload a few at the time. It was funny seeing my picture.  The pictures are great!  I love the cake! :D

9). What was the best that happened to you this week?
Umm.... temple!

10). What can I do for you to make your day?  Besides praying for you???
That's about it.... there's not much you can do.


Wow! Hello everyone!

Another week over.  The month of May is closing.  A new move call is beginning.  And a year has almost come and gone since I was last home.  How crazy the time flies!  

So first I must apologize for the quality of this email.  I've been having headaches lately... and I'm trying not to down all of my Excedrin in one go.  I've been drinking a ton of water.... so I don't know what's up.... maybe it's just too hot....

Oh! So big things first!  Move call! Sister Fuller left me for the south.  And now I'm a senior companion! I'm leading the area!  I feel like I'm going to have to jia you.... this area is huge and I still feel like I'm new to it.  I really hope I actually know what I'm doing otherwise we may go crazy...  Oh, I'm also English Class Leader.... yup... Hopefully I don't stress myself out... probably will... but... ah well, I just want to make the Lord happy with the work going on here in Zhang Hua.

So, anyways, my new companion is...... Sister Pope!  She is from Missouri! So far away!  And she is a year older than me.  I've just met her, but she seems stellar!  I'm so excited for this next move call with her.  I'm sure we are going to learn a ton.  Just pray for us so we can actually find some investigators to work with. 

Hmm... What else happened... oh! Monday wasn't P-Day, which was weird.  We worked instead, since we went to the temple on Wednesday and that counted as our p-day.  So, after meeting with an LA, emailing and trying to find investigators, we came home EXHAUSTED and out of food.... yup....  We had barely any food in our apartment this week... since we didn't really have a p-day and it was the last week of the move call.  But, today we'll buy food, so, that's all good.

Going to the temple was so amazing! It really gave me the spiritual boost that I needed.  I've been feeling drained lately, since we are going on a long drought of no investigators or other people who are willing to meet with us.... but it's going to change!  When we went to the temple, it was all rainy though, so I didn't really get any good pictures.

Oh! We also had a few miracles! Like, lack of rain! Yay!  Oh and we got two referrals this week! Granted... they are both not for our area... so.... ah well... they can still learn the gospel.  And after tracting into a lady on Friday, she called me this morning wanted to set up! She wants to learn English, but we told her we also had to share the gospel with her.  So hopefully she starts loving the gospel!

We are still riding our bikes a lot.... yup... I'm thinking of getting a good bike when I go home and biking to everything... haha! What am I going to do when I don't have to bike every day?  I'm not going to be used to it!  So weird!

Anyways, I know this post is short, but I'm going to cut to the spiritual thought.  I read a great article by Pres. Uchtdorf called the Continuing in Patience from a General Conference.  It was talking about how patience is a process in which we have to go through to be perfected.  And how patience wasn't just a passive thing.  It requires diligence and persistence with faith in God and Christ like love.  I feel like the Lord is telling me to be patient... so hopefully through patience, we'll see miracles!

Well, that's all folks.... tune into next week's episode of "Biking in Zhang Hua". Haha! But in the meantime: "Just keep biking, just keep biking...."

Sister Nicholle Peng

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