Monday, June 16, 2014

6/9/14 Pssst....There are actual spiderwebs in my mailbox!!! hint hint hint...

1)  Still no headaches?
Nope, still doing well.

2)  Is the investigator still active?
Uhhh.... kind of?  She still likes us.... 

3)  Eaten Mua wan yet?  I want some so very very very bad

4)  How many lessons did you get to teach this week?
We taught 3 lessons on the street. 1 lesson because of English and 10 lessons with recent converts and LA's... we aren't doing too well....

5)  Are you still biking tons?

6)  How is your spirit?

7)  Are you still basically allergy free?
Pretty much! Except I had a small allergic reaction to pineapple... sadness.  That's not going to stop me.  I just have to remember not to drink water when I am eating my pineapple.

8)  How are the mosquitos?  Still eating you alive?
They think they are my best friends... I think my bike box has three cans of bug spray. haha!  I get paranoid!


Hello Mom, Regan, Family, Friends, Strangers.... etc...  How are you all doing? You know, being on a mission still makes me feel like I'm stuck in a bubble.... You don't hear anything about what's happening in the world... you just hope that everything is going okay...

Speaking about that.... Sister Pope and I came to a sad discovery this week... We have SPIDER WEBS in our mail box... it was a very depressing and gross find.... Anyways... yup.... *hint*hint*

But on a brighter note, we also saw something that completely blew our minds!  So, we were biking to the train station so we could go to Zone Training Meeting and the sky was looking a bit... grey.  The sky was full of black clouds, and we knew it was about time it was going to rain.  So, when we were almost at the train station, we were struck with confusion and awe when we saw a small area, about the size of a kitchen table, where it was pouring rain.  Like, it was only raining in that area! Everything else was dry!  We looked around for the source of the water, like maybe it was coming from a nearby building, but the water was coming from straight above.  It was a strange phenomenon.... 

Hmm... What else... So, I guess I can just start from the beginning of the week, just to give some order to things and to help me get my thoughts straight.

Monday, we relaxed, because we were dragging.  Oh, we also got lost in Carrefour.... Where we bought the greatest creation on the face of the earth! Okay, maybe not really. I just got a pack of those water coloring pictures that you can paint with cotton swabs.  They make me happy.  My pictures all have hamsters on it. :)

On Tuesday we went to ZTM and learned about how to help investigators progress to baptism.... so we are starting at step number one.... FIND INVESTIGATORS!  I mean, we have Albee, but we are still trying to find times to meet with her.  She's busy, and the time we did had set up got rained on.... and she said it was too dangerous for us to bike out to her house (which is kind of true, since she lives in the middle of a whole bunch of rice fields about 1 hour away from the city....).  But we are working on it!

On Wednesday we taught English.... we taught the kids about Families!  It kind of made us "trunky" but it was also nice to think about how the gospel has blessed my family.  I love my family! I drew a picture in crayon.  I would have taken a picture of it to show you all, but I'm a bit embarrassed.... I can't draw in crayons....

On Thursday... What happened.... I don't remember.... Uh.... Oh! We met with You JM who is an LA.  She knows she needs to change! She just has to exercise faith and act! I love her, she is so cute.  She just needs to go to church!

On Friday we did our weekly planning and I went on exchanges with Sister Adams for the third time on my mission.  I'm so lucky!  She is one of my favorite Sister Training Leaders ever and she is my role model.  I can't believe she is going home in a month!  It just makes me realize how short of time we really have on our missions.

On Saturday we met a cute girl. She had just had an accident on her bike, and so we helped her get cleaned up and stuff.  She is so cute! I hope she can come to English or Church.  She seemed really open to learning more, but didn't give us her info... sadness....  On Saturday was also the day we were going to go to Albee's, but the weather changed those plans in a jiffy.  I don't like rain... it makes this work so much harder! And wetter! Ah well, we must press forward.

Sunday was good.  Ke JM, our RC gave a talk in Sacrament and she did so well! Also Luo JM finally came to church.  She is also an RC, who was baptized right when I got here... but since then she's been too busy to meet or come to church.  She is busy working in a factory that was putting logos on sports things for the Soccer stuff going on in Brazil....  But, hopefully with the summer time coming in, she'll have more time to meet!  We need to go over enduring to the end with her....

And now, it's Monday again.  I'm still sooo tired!  But that's alright.  I've come to the realization that I'll always be tired here on my mission.  I'll probably have to sleep for three days straight when I go home... haha!  So today, our plans are to go shopping with the other sisters.  It should be way fun! I'll go and find clothes that are more suitable for this hot climate and that are cheap so I won't worry about getting them ruined in the rain... because I have a feeling it's going to be really wet this summer.... ugh.....  I've got to learn to love the rain again!

Anyways, I'm still really tired... haha! I keep saying that.  So for my spiritual thought, watch this video.  It's good.  It made me cry.  The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a real thing.  It can change anyone.  It gives us all a second chance.  It brings a light of hope into this world of constant hardships.  Come unto Christ and be changed by him. 

I love you all so much! I pray for you and I am grateful for your support and love.  Until next time!

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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