Monday, June 16, 2014

6/2/14 It's a miracle!!! We have an investigator!!!

1)  Do you still have a headache?  If so, what are you going to do about it?
No headaches. :)

2)  How are you and Sister Pope getting along?  What do you like best about her?
She and I are getting along great.  She is very good at updating the area book, and reminding me of things I'd probably forget to do.  Oh, and she is a Doctor Who Fan. :D

3)  How do you enjoy being a senior companion?  Has it been harder or easier than you imagined?  Explain.
I don't know if I would say I enjoy being senior companion.  It's just more responsibility.  It's about the same as I imagined.... Explain?  Mom, I don't have that much time.  I'll probably just write that in my email.

4)  How is it being an English teacher leader?  Do you have many people coming to your English classes?  How many?
Haha! They made a mistake on move call,  they gave us two English leaders.  We only need one.  So I got off easy! :D So happy! I prayed about that!

5)  What kind of service projects do you do in Zhang Hua?
Uh...... none.... we teach English class.... that counts....

6)  Have you had Mau Wan yet?
Nope, sister Pope won't eat it.

7)  What are your plans for the day?
Relax.  I'm dead.  We were going to go to the dragon boat festival... but we didn't want to do the 2 hour bike ride just to go to a very crowded hot place....  if we did that, we would be dragging this week.  

8)   What is your apartment in Zhang Hua like?  Does it have a comfortable bed?
It's okay.  My bed is hard, but that's okay.  I'm too exhausted to notice.


Hello Mom, Regan, Family, Friends, and Dogs!  How are all of you doing this great summer day?  Me?  Well.... I am HOT... Today I woke up, and I was already tired and looking forward to sleeping again. Thank goodness for P-day!  Last week completely drained me of all energy.  I can honestly say that I gave the Lord all I had, because now I need to recharge.

So, it was my first week with Sister Pope and leading the area.  Zhang Hua is HUGE and it was taking all I could to make sure we made solid plans and followed through with those plans and make sure that we were taking care of everyone that needs to be taken care of.    It's not like I feel overly stressed out.  I just feel the burden of the responsibility of taking care of Zhang Hua for the Lord.  I think I've come to a new perspective of missionary work in this last week.  I've come to really know of the importance of what we are doing here.  The Lord has sent me to Zhang Hua to invite people to come unto him.  And if I don't talk to everyone.  If I don't share about the gospel, I'm depriving them of a chance they could have had to know Christ.  I've really come to love contacting everyone this last week, because it just felt natural.  I know I have the authority to be a representative of Christ.  I know that the gospel can and will change people's lives, if they are willing to try for themselves and learn.

And this week, a huge miracle happened.  We have an investigator!  One new investigator!  She is super cute and she is only 19.  We met her at a stop light on the way to a recent convert’s house.  It was a huge testimony of speaking to everyone.  She was parked about 4 feet behind me, and I decided to say hello.  She and I started talking, and I switched information with her since she said she had interest in English Class.  I left, because the light was green, and planned on inviting her to English but then while I was riding, I turn my head to see her riding alongside Sister Pope.  She then invites us to follow her to her house, which we do, and we share with her about prayer and invite her to set up with us on Friday.  She agrees, but then later in the week, she says that Friday wasn't good, but if she meets with us on Thursday, we can meet at the church with her.  And after sharing probably the most unprepared version of the Restoration lesson with her (the Joseph Smith DVD we wanted to use was gone, and we ran out of pamphlets...) she keeps telling us how she wants to go to church.  And she did come to church and she is still wanting to meet with us!

So, that's the biggest miracle.  We have an investigator. :)  Oh, we also had another investigator come to church, she was a former that we called and she said that we could try and find time to meet with her when she doesn't have work.  So cool!

What else.... Oh, we've just been biking and biking... I'll upload a picture of my watch tan line, to give you a sense of how hot and sunny it's been.  I feel bad for Sister Pope... she got a bad sun burn....

Oh! Talking about Sister Pope, she is a great companion.  She is so very good at making sure I remember to call people and buy important stuff and what not.  Also, she is so good at updating the area book, something I've yet to master.  And she has a great sense of humor.  She and I have spent a lot of time laughing with each other, which is good, otherwise I'd be going crazy with stress.  Oh! And guess what! I've learned that she is a BBC fan!  So good! She and I actually relate pretty well.  She's pretty different from my other companions, but different in a good way. :)

So, being senior companion just boggles my head.  There is soo many things that I have to keep track of.  I write everything down, but even that's not enough.... ah well.... I'm trying my hardest and that's all I can give.  I've been feeling exhausted, but in a good way.  I feel a sense of fulfillment.  It's a good feeling.  But I may have to go a bit easier next week.... otherwise I might run myself dry... Haha!

Hmm... What else am I forgetting... there is probably a lot... I wrote stuff down....  Oh! It didn't really rain all last week when we had to be outside.  The Lord has been answering my prayers!  He's been answering a lot lately.  Like, I had prayed that I wouldn't have to be English Leader, since I'm new to being Senior companion.  But, there it was... on the move call... a little dot next to my name... But what I didn't realize that there was a dot next to Elder Dayley's (SP?) name as well (he teaches in the same English unit).  The assistants made a mistake! I wasn't supposed to be English Leader! Hahaha! I got let off. :D  So happy!

Oh, and then we were running late to church.... So I prayed they wouldn't start till we got there, because we had investigators who were there that we wanted to find and sit with.  And, yay! They started a little late, just enough time for us to get the investigators to sit with us. :)

What else.... Umm.... Oh! Happy day!  Since being in Zhang Hua I've lost about 3.5 kgs! So happy!  Yay! It's probably because we've been biking a ton.

Anyways, as to things pertaining to a spiritual nature.... This week I kept thinking about Joseph Smith.  He was just a normal boy, who had a question.  And he went and asked the Lord, and the Lord answered- just as the Lord is willing to answer any question his children have for him.  

The message us missionaries are sharing is one of hope.  It is one of Love.  We have a loving Heavenly Father who hasn't forgotten about us.  He has given us a way to receive his guidance in our daily lives.  We all have the right to receive revelation concerning our own lives.  He will guide us.  He loves us.  If you are lost, if you are in need of answers, if you just need someone to be there, turn to him who made you.  He knows you, and he would never lead you astray.  So pray.  Know for yourself.  And the Lord with show you wonders and lead you by the hand.

I love you all so much!  As it is the beginning of June, it means that I have a little over half a year left until we meet again.  In that time, I'm hoping to give my all, to become the person Christ would have me be.  I am thankful for your love, your prayers and your support.  You guys are awesome!

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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