Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5/18/14 ~ Hot and Rainy!!! Not too conducive for missionary work!

Hello Mom! Hello Regan! Hello World! I would love to start this email by a shout out to MOM AND REGAN! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am sooo happy you guys got married! And I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly.  It sounds like it was a blast!  May you have many days of happiness and sunshine! :D (Though, hopefully not Taiwan sunshine, because then you guys would be roasted....)

Well, one more week down.... and a lot more weeks of summer left to go.  And with summer comes the yearly rainy season.  I don't like rain, and yet it rained pretty much every day this week.  In fact, it's raining right now.... inside the internet cafe.... yup.... soo soo wet!  Everyone knows how much I looove the rain here... yup.... still a work in progress... I've been feeling a little bit rainy in mood, and a little drowned.... This week I had to have my bike tires changed twice because my front wheel got flat... and with the rain... no one wants to talk to us here... well... except for a kind soul that we met on the road here. :)

As to investigators.... we still have none... and we are still spending our days finding...  We did get into three houses this week while tracting.  Two of them were on Monday, and the other yesterday.  One on Monday was a nice family who also invited us back.  But the second time they said that they just wanted to be friendly to the "wai guo ren"/foreigners, and they really didn't care about Christ since they are Dao Jiao.  After we went to their house, the next house over a lady let us in, but she wasn't really interested in learning more because she was Buddhist.  Then yesterday, we were let into a house by a cute couple.  The wife only speaks Taiwanese, but she was insistent that we understood her, and the husband kept having to translate.  Well, apparently the Elders had knocked on her door three days earlier and gave her the same flier.  We taught them to pray, and they were so very nice.  But they say they can't travel that far to go to church (we were about an hour away from the chapel).

We've been having a lot of nicer contacts with people, or people willing to set up.  Though... most of our appointments have fallen through (probably due to the rain.... Not fun....)  We've been trying to figure out why we aren't having success yet.... but we keep striving to work hard and keep moving forward.

We've also been working on our relations with the ward and helping them do missionary work.  That's been a bit frustrating as well, since most of our ward have been saying they are too busy to meet with us...  But in the meetings we've had, it's been a spiritual experience.  We've been sharing with them Elder Nielson's talk from the Oct 2013 Conference.  It gives three invites on how we as members can help hasten the Lord's Work.  I invite all of you to do them as well, since they are all pretty easy but have a lot of blessings!

Okay... what else... Oh! I went on Companion Exchanges and learned a ton.  We also didn't have water in our apartment... so Sister Worthington and I went to my apartment so we could take a shower.  We found some really cool LA's though.  I love helping LA's return. :D  And Sister Worthington is great!  Oh! Also, when I was with her, we ate Stinky Tofu for dinner.  I like stinky tofu. :D

Well, we are only allowed to email one hour this week, since we are going to the temple on Wednesday and today doesn't count as a p-day.  So, I've got to go.  I hope you are all doing well.  Congratulations again to Mom and Regan! I'm so excited to have a big family! Haha! :D

Love you all!
Sister Peng

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