Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/14 ~ The Lord is Defnitely Guiding Us!!!

Dear Mom, Regan and other wonderful people in my life!

How are you all doing on this beautiful morning/afternoon/night.... etc?  I hope you are all doing well.  I picture you reading my words and asking yourself, "I wonder if she has anything else to write... she always asks the same questions that are more of a rhetorical nature seeing as I can't give her an answer.  And if I were to give her an answer it would be a few weeks too late."  But I'm afraid there isn't much else that you can write as a greeting for an email that gets written every week....  I do like this whole weekly summation of what I did though.  It'll be great to be able to read over what I wrote in the future.  Maybe I'll keep this habit and just blog for the rest of my life... haha... or maybe not... Life's too short to spend it in front of a screen....  I've learned that on my mission.

I mean, do you know how fast time flies?  When you plan your day to day life by half hour blocks, you realize that you don't have much time, so you'd better use it wisely.  I do love doing daily planning though.  Then then next day isn't as daunting.  You already know what you have to do, and when you you'll have time to do it.  Why did I not like planners before the mission?!?!?  Haha! I was probably just too lazy... also; I had a phone to do all that fore me. :)

Anyways, before I babble on a bit more, I have something very important to say!  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DADS IN THE WORLD!!! Especially those dads who have made a different to me! I'm so grateful that on my mission I've acquired a new father in my life, and I'm so thankful for Regan and all he has done for my mom.  I can't wait to meet him person!  I'm also grateful for my Grandpa who has always let me know that he loves me and that he supports me in all of my dreams.  I'm grateful for my uncles who always teased me, but I know they mean well.  I'm grateful for the fathers of my friends for being great examples to their kids as well as to me.  But most of all, I am grateful to my Heavenly Father who has blessed me so much and has placed many wonderful blessings including the many people who have touched my life and have changed it for the better.

Of course, to answer my mom's question and the questions of others regarding Father's Day in the Taiwan, Father's day isn't celebrated till August 8th or 8/8.  8 in Chinese is "ba" and then they call it "ba/ba" day.  Ba-ba is Dad in Chinese.  Cool, eh?  Mother's day is on the same day as it is in the US.  But I guess they changed Father's Day to make it more... cool? Haha!  But it's okay, I'll just wish the Fathers out there a happy Father's day twice. :)  Also, Happy Father's Day to Mom, since she's pretty much taken on the role of being both parents to me up until recently.  She is SUPER MOM! And she is awesome!  

Oh! Also, shout out to my cousins Jordan, Jacob, and Kaitlyn.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you all have a great birthday!  You are all getting so grown up!  And I heard Jordan got his Mission Call?!?!!?  TELL ME WHERE HE IS GOING!!!!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE MOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!  I know it's not till Sunday, but still, I wanted to be the first to say happy birthday!  Don't feel too old, okay?  You are only as old as your heart is. :D  And you'll always be my best friend. :D

So, all of that is now out of the way... do I have anything else to say before I get on with last week's things?  Hmm... 

Well, on Monday we went to a great place to buy clothes.  It's all super cheap and they have dresses that are perfect for staying cool and classy while being a missionary in Taiwan.  Yay!  We may or may not go back again today.  We are also planning on going to the Giant Buddha today. Yay!

The big thing that happened this week is that we gave Albee a baptismal goal!  We are hoping she'll hit it and that she'll really feel the influence of the Gospel in her life!  We still don't quite understand her fully.... we ask questions and she gives pretty much perfect answers.  We are hoping it's what she really feels and not just because she likes us.  She is so cute and so shy!  When we gave her the baptismal goal, her only question/concern was "Will there be a lot of people there?"  I am so excited for her to have the blessing of the gospel in her life. So if you would all keep her in your prayers that would be great! Pray that she will feel the Spirit will touch her heart.  

Speaking about Albee, she lives in the middle of nowhere!  Her house is really in the middle of a bunch of rice fields, and there is only one road that takes you there.  It was funny, because we got lost and we could see her house, but there was a rice field in between us.  So we kept trying to bike around the rice fields to get to the right road.  We eventually found it. :D  Thank goodness she took us to it the first time we had met; otherwise I know we would have never found it via address.

Also, another miracle was the fact that we were able to meet with a Less Active yesterday when doing an LA (Less Active) look up.  I had the feeling to plan her into Sunday's plan, but I had no idea who she was.  Just another name on our records.  So, we when there and sat down with her.  We were having a hard time breaking the ice, but then she mentioned that she had brothers who were members in Gaoxiong, who also ended up living where Sister Pope used to serve.  So, Sister Pope and this LA hit it off, talking about the LA's brothers and such.  It was a great sit down, and we made a new friend!  Then, after the lesson, Sister Pope tells me that she was actually thinking about this LA, Sister Wu, today.  She had remembered that members in Gaoxiong had asked her to find their sister, a Sister Wu, who they said lived in 2nd ward.  Well, we live in 3rd ward, so Sister Pope was going to ask the 3rd ward missionaries about it.  But it just so happens that Sister Wu lives in 3rd ward!  The Lord definitely guided us to her, since she would not have normally been my first choice to pick when we wanted to do an LA look up.  She lived a bit far from our house, and on Sunday we didn't end up with a lot of proselyting time, due to our church changing to 2 pm.  But, it was perfect timing to go to her house, since she is not normally home!  The experience testified to me that the Lord really is guiding us. :)

Hmm... What else.... Oh, we were almost robbed... We had gone to visit with a member and had locked our bikes outside of her house.  Well, we come back and the black pouch that Sister Pope puts extra pamphlets and fliers in was open and it was on my bike.  We opened up our bike boxes to see that they had been rummaged through, and Sister Pope said they really had to dig because the black pouch was on the very bottom.  Thankfully we don't keep anything of value in our bike boxes.  Just a few Book of Mormons (which we just give out to people, so if they would be thief wanted one, by all means!) and our rain gear, and extra fliers and stuff.  We think that someone must have thought the black pouch was a wallet, and he must have gotten very excited.... only to find out that it was a bunch of church tracts... haha! We kept laughing as we pictured this person's look of disappointment.  IT was a funny experience.  But it's also a reminder not to keep anything of value in our boxes.... of course, we are poor missionaries... we don't carry around anything that we wouldn't be willing to give away to others.  Haha!

Oh! We also had our English party.  We did a talent show, in which a lot of people sang and had fun.  We missionaries all did a skit, where each companionship acted as a very small person.  (We used a big shirt and the missionary in the front is the head, and the missionary behind sticks their hands through the sleeves to be the hands of the small person, and the person in front also has their hands in a pair of pants and shoes to form the legs.)  I'll see if I can get pictures, it makes more sense....  We made a lot of people laugh, and everyone had a good time!

As to my spiritual thought, well... I don't know how much time I have left on this computer....  But, I just want to give you all a reminder of your eternal worth and potential.  Never ever forget that you are a child of God!  He is always watching out for you and is waiting to guide you by the hand.  You just have to follow and he will teach you and strengthen you.

I love you all!  Be strong and of a good courage!  Until next week!

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

P.S. Hello to a Hillary Hughes!  I got your letter, and I'm working on a response.  I'm more than happy to help and give advice and info about mission life in Taiwan.  Good luck!

P.S.S.  Yeah, if anyone has questions or anything, feel free to write, I'll try to answer!  Also just feel free to write in general.... I'm a missionary... mail is like GOLD and it brightens our day!  Heehee! :D

New favorite drink!!

Sis. Pope hates bugs....but this is how she would appear to them!

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