Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 ~ Fun With A Short Time Missionary!

1). Did you eat anything interesting this week? uh.... not really...

2).  Are you able to cool yourself down enough to get a good sleep? Yup, we have an AC.

3). Have y seen any big firework shows since you have been in Taiwan?  How does it compare to our firework shows? They aren't big firework shows.  They are just the fireworks that Buddhist and Daoist temples have for some sort of religious thing....

4). Have you seen any flowers there that you have haven't seen in the U.S.? They have lilies and some flowers that look like the flowers from Hawaii.

5). Did you get any mail from me this week? Yup! Thanks.

6). Any more knowledge or information as how to be a FB missionary?  The FB missionaries in the states all get iPads.
 We don't have iPads. That would be so useful. No, we just go to a library and fb.  We still don't have any direction really.....

7). Do you think your Chinese is now better than mine? IDK. When I go home we'll see. :P  I think I really do want to major in Chinese and teach it....

Hello Mom, Regan, family, and friends,

Well, I'm hungry right now... ah well, that's what I get for only eating a mango for breakfast.  But it was a good mango.  It is still mango season here, and they are soooo good! So happy to know that next year when I come back to visit, mangoes will be in season again.  For those of you who haven't ever eaten a mango, you are missing out!

So, this week was interesting.  We had a Duan Chuan, which translates to a short time missionary, with us.  Her name is Sister Kuang, and she is a young woman from Yuanlin first ward.  Our mission gives youth opportunities to serve mini missions with us missionaries.  We made Sister Kuang sooo tired! Haha! All she wanted to do was sleep! She was also very afraid of getting tanned, because the sun was very big.  But she kept layering on the sunscreen, and then wore a jacket on top of that.  Haha! Taiwan people are so funny.  They are always freaking out about my tan.  Granted, I've gotten really dark, but I don't mind. :P  I still put on sunscreen though, because skin cancer wouldn't be a very fun thing to get from a mission... :P  But still, you are biking down the street, and everyone is dressed like it's cold outside!  But it's soooo hot!

Sister Kuang was so fun to be with.  She has a lot of faith and testimony and is planning on going on her own mission next year (right now she is almost 18).  She really hopes to go to a visitor center mission- which will probably suit her well, seeing as she doesn't really like being outside too much, nor did she enjoy the biking...This week we biked all the way out to LuGang, like we always do, and though she was a trooper and made it there and came back, she was sore for the evening and the day afterwards. :P

I'm trying to think back at what happened this week, it's all blurry like it always is.  Sometimes you’re on your mission, and you swear you have short term memory loss!

Oh! How could I forget! This week we had interviews with the mission president and planner checks.  That took all of Tuesday... like, we just had enough time to come home, eat dinner, call a few phones and then we had to go home.  But it was good.  I love interviews and training meetings.  They always leave me pumped!  In the training meeting that President held for us, we talked about having a vision.  We need to have a vision and make goals to reach it.  We have a goal here in the mission to get 60 baptisms a month.  It's a high goal for the mission, we've only hit that twice since I've been here on island, but it's a reachable one.  We just need to have faith!

Meeting with President Blickenstaff also made me realize that "The Time is Far Spent."  My time here on a mission is getting less and less (Today I hit my 14 month mark as a missionary!).  It's very important that I do my best and align my will with Heavenly Father so I can make the most of this wonderful experience.  It's hard, yes, and it will be harder in the future, but it is worth it.  Totally and completely worth it!  I wouldn't exchange my time spent here and my experiences that I've gained for anything.

Oh, and we had a typhoon this week, but we didn't have too much problems from it.  It was only raining on and off and really windy.  And then evening came, and we were coming home from teaching English, and it started POURING!  Like, to experience what we experienced, find the nearest park fountain and stand in it, with all your clothes on... yup!  

Hmm... Yup... That's about it.... Well, we skipped Relief Society yesterday at church again to go back to Yuanlin and do the final Testimony meeting for the Duan Chuans, and said good bye to Kuang JM.  I'll miss her, but it's easier to just have a companionship of two. So now it's just me and Sister Pope. Back to normal. "Now our trio is down to two!" We are hoping to make the last half of this move call AMAZING!

This week I've been studying about the importance of developing Christlike attributes-especially as a missionary.  We have been commanded to follow in Christ's footsteps.  Not only to do as he did, but become like him as well.  He gave us the perfect example to follow to come back home the the Father and to receive eternal happiness.  By becoming as he was, we will find peace and help others be uplifted as well.  We may not be perfect now, but we can try to be better each and every day.  We can make every day count, and be true disciples of Christ.  I know Christ lives! I know that he loves each and every one of us, and is always there for us.  Come unto him, and be perfected through him.

I love you all! 

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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