Monday, July 21, 2014

7/20/14 ~ It Is Still So Very Hot In Taiwan!

1)  What are your plans for the day?
RELAX! :D So excited!

2)  Has there been anything this week that had a positive effect on your mood and mental well being?
Yup! Things went pretty smoothly when I thought they were going to be very stressful.

3)  Do the natives in Taiwan think that it is hot as well?  Are they more tolerant of the heat?  What do they do to stay cool?
I think they thing it is hot.  They stay inside.... so they have air conditioning.... 

4)  What is your favorite thing for breakfast?
Uhh.... I really like waffles... but I haven't eaten waffles here.  Here I eat a banana with peanut butter.

5)  Do they ever have future plans on training you as a FB missionary?  So, are you just a FB missionary for the remaining of this transfer or is it once your are a FB missionary, you'll remain one for the rest of your mission?  
Nope.... I guess not.... I really don't know what to do as a FB missionary.  And I don't know if I'll stay a FB missionary after I move... IDK

6)  Are you struggling with how you are doing?  How can I best help you?????????  How can I make my emails or letters more beneficial for you?
I'm doing good.  I like mail.... :D


親愛的媽媽, Regan, and Everyone else;
近好嗎?我找到了一個辦法可以打中文字。但是比較慢一點並且你們會看不懂。 所以我可以打印文字就好了。比較方便。How is everyone doing?  I learned how to type in Chinese! But it's a bit slower, and most of you will not be able to understand... So I'll type in English.  It's more convenient.

Well, that week went by fast.  I'm not really sure what happened at the beginning of it.  My brain is soo tired right now.  Granted, I am always tired. 

Anyways, I guess I'll just do what I have been doing for a lot of my emails and share the highlights of my week.

Last P-day we didn't really do anything exciting.... just went out and bought stuff (like food and what not) and came home to rest.  Oh! I also adopted a pepper plant that I named 小辣 (xiao la) and he is doing pretty well.  Some of the peppers are starting to get orange! Yay! I'll upload pictures.  Sister Pope adopted a rose plant.  It's pretty. I'll upload Pictures.

On Tuesday we had a very good uplifting DTM by Elder Scoval about commitments, and helping our investigators keep commitments.  We have to let them know what blessings come from keeping the commitments to help them have a vision of what good things can happen in their lives from making and keeping commitments to God.  I personally learned that I need to learn how to keep more commitments (goals) to myself if I want to help investigators make and keep commitments... so now I'm and focusing on how I can stay more committed to the work and to the goals that I have set to make myself better.

On Wednesday we taught English, and we taught the little kids about Nature in English and had them draw pictures and label what things were.  We then taught them a fast version of the Creation, since they have short attention spans.

Thursday we had a great day in Lu Gang.  But it was so hot!  Anyways, me met with Liu JM, an LA, and just read some scriptures with her and invited her to church again.  She came! Yay! Then we visited with a Lin JM and her Daughter, who is our investigator, and shared about the Plan of Salvation.  She is really warming up to us, which is good.  She is so sweet! And I think she would be great friends with the other young women in the ward.  We also visited a Zhao XJ, who is a potential investigator.  She is handicap, and is always busy selling stuff in Taizhong.  She says she can't read the Book of Mormon because it's printed too small, and she doesn't want to pray because she doesn't want to bother God too much... We kept trying to think of ways to help her see that Praying doesn't bother God... but... she didn't seem to get it....  

Hmm.... Friday it rained, thank goodness we were in a Family Mart at the time so we didn't get drenched.  Saturday, we visited Ding JM, and her daughter, who are both active members.  Her daughter is cute, Yao JM, but she is a bit touchy feely, which was making us missionaries feel a bit uncomfortable.... She just doesn't get the personal bubble thing....  We also visited Gu JM and her kids.  They are awesome!

And Sunday.  I thought Sunday was going to be a disaster and a half... okay, not that bad.  It was just going to be really frustrating.  Because we learned that we would be having a 短傳/ duan chuan, short time missionary, and we were trying to figure out how we were going to have enough accommodations for her.  Like a bed and a bike.... In the morning we got a bed situated for her (picture to be included), so we still had a bike to figure out. And then they tell us the meeting for the 短傳 activity starts at 4:30 in Yuan Lin.  Our church didn't end till 5.  But, we went with the bishop's wife and her daughter who was going to be a 短傳, and left church at 4.  So, now I can say I sluffed church as a missionary.... Haha! Anyways.  So we got to the meeting on time.  And, our 短傳 is so cute and amazing! Her name is Sister Kuang.  And, we didn't have to worry about her bike, because they just drove it to our church in Zhang Hua, so we could ride back home with her. :D  Everything worked out! I'm so glad! I prayed so hard! So, this week is going to be amazing!

Oh! Also on Sunday, I learned that I'm not used to being in cars anymore.  Sooo car sick!

That's pretty much the run down of what all happened.... We are praying to have plenty of miracles this week, since we heard there is a typhoon coming in.... so, wish us luck!

I love you all so much! Be Awesome! Until next time!\

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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