Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/4/14 ~ On3 Year Mark On the Island!!! Fun and Crazy Week!

Hello Mom, Regan, family and friends!

So, this was a fun week! As well as crazy!  But I will try to keep this email as condensed as possible, seeing as today I only have one hour to email, instead of two, because on Wednesday, we get to go to the temple! Yay! I am sooo in need for a spiritual boost! I love going to the temple!  Though, that means, today isn't p-day. But that's okay, our plans for today are all fun and very busy.

So, Hmm... Where do I start?  Well, I guess going in chronological order:

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went on exchanges with Sister Worthington.  I got to serve in her area, as Sister Pope led our area.  I always love going on exchanges, and it was nice to catch up with Sister Worthington- I went on exchanges with her when I first came to Zhanghua.  We had so much fun meeting with some of their investigators, and I got to help her compile information for their Ward Map Project (missionaries have to do paper work too. :P ).  One of my highlights is that I got to visit their investigator Amber, who I met on my first exchange and I absolutely love her! She is so awesome!  She just needs to get baptized already.  She has such great faith and her understanding of the scriptures and gospel is that of a member!  She just needs to recognize that she does have faith. She just needs to take the next step and go forward, trusting in God.  I love Amber! She also has a bing (ice) shop, and made me a bing with all of my favorite flavors- Red Bean, Taro, and Mango.  I didn't think they would go well with each other, but it was soooo yummy!

Wednesday, Sister Pope's bike broke, so she fixed it herself.  Her hands were soooo black!  It took forever to wash!

Also, on Wednesday, in my area, with Sister Pope and Sister Ting, they met with a potential investigator that we had tried to meet with three weeks ago, but she kept cancelling on us so we gave up.  Then she called and scheduled another meeting with us! She is now a new investigator! Yay! And apparently, she asks a lot of good questions, and is searching for truth and guidance.  The Gospel is perfect for that! :D 
Thursday was also really good.  We spent the day out in Shen Gang and we went to our furthest secondary area called Xian Xi.  In Shen Gang we met with Gu JM, who was looking very ready to give birth, and in Xian Xi we went to visit Luo JM, our RC.  Well, on the way to Luo Zi Xuen, we got lost, because the addresses and roads are a mess in Xian Xi- it's very country side village.  And, we met a Xie XJ, who was very very very excited to see us, and very willing to help us.  And then she went and visited Luo JM with us.... She wants us to go visit her, so we will; she is just a bit.... special?  Ah well, she loves us! And she is somewhat of a Christian. We'll see how this all turns out...

And then on Friday! I hit my year mark on island!  A year ago, I got off a plane, and I was exhausted and bewildered at being placed in a new strange environment.  Now, I am still exhausted, but I love being here!  I still feel like that new missionary sometimes, not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing, but I know that I just need to follow the spirit and follow my instincts, and everything will work out. :D

Saturday we had fun up in Lugang.  We visited Liu JM, and LA, and she is so awesome! Have I mentioned that she's been coming to church for the last 5 weeks?  She just needs a calling to be considered a rescued member, and we shared with her about service in the church.  She is so willing to accept, and bishop is working on getting her one. :D  Yay!  Then we visited with Hong JM, investigator, and her mom.  Not sure how much interest she has in learning the gospel... but we keep praying for her.  And then, for dinner, we went down to Lugang Old Street, bought some food that could be carried, and just walked around admiring the shops for 25 minutes.  It was fun. :D  There are sooo many people in Lugang on Saturdays, because it's a tourist site.

Sunday was fun.  I got to translate Sacrament meeting into English for an American couple.  Agh! My brain struggles with that.  I kept almost using Chinese words in my translation, or I couldn't think of how to properly word phrases into understandable English.  My brain doesn't like jumping between the two languages.  Translating into Chinese is sooo much easier.... well... sometimes...  Also, after church there was a baptism for this cute little girl whose eighth birthday just happened to be Sunday.  She is so adorable! She wants to be a missionary when she grows up. :D

So, that's pretty much it.... I wish I could say I would be resting today, but I'm excited to go to the temple on Wednesday.  And then, Next week for p-day, I'm taking Sister Pope to Lugang! Yay!!!

Well, I hope you all had a great week! It was nice chatting with you all. :D

Oh! I completely forgot something big! On Saturday, we get a call saying that Gu JM gave birth!  She has a healthy little boy!  Yay!  We are going to go see her and give her our congratulations. :D  I'll attach pictures of the card I made for her. :D

Sister Peng's mew sleeping mask

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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