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6/30/14 ~ Our Low Numbers Are Causing Me Major Stress!!!

1). So do you notice any difference in the temperature between Ping Dong, which is suppose to be the hottest area of the mission and Zhang Hua?  IS it cooler at all?  More tolerable?

It's just hot everywhere.... so hot.... I don't like it....

2) do you think that the changes are greater than 80% that you guys will come home in November?
I don't think so.... IDK.... the answer he gave me this time was the same he gave me a while ago.  When I asked if I could go earlier than Dec 23 and he said, that my dates already been pushed back to the 20th.... big whoop.  So idk when I'm coming back.

3). Have you eaten Mua wan yet?
NOPE! stop asking

4). Any more opportunities to teach lessons?  Things progressing with investigators?  Still extremely slow to dead?  So sorry...
We have one new investigator.

5). Did you buy more stuff last week at the store you found.  I see that you were wearing a new dress in your photos. Nope.  I have like 5 new dresses... that's plenty
6). Plans for the day??? Do you guys not do things or outings with other missionaries and ward members?  I see that a lot of missionaries do that.
Rest.  Go to a stationary store.... I don't really like going out with others... we do sometimes... but really, it just makes everything more ma fan. And I get sick of always having to be with too many people.

7). Have you guys tried doing more service as a missionary tool rather than just tracking since it hasn't been too effective there?
Service doesn't work here.  We try to help, and people get mad at us, or we ask if we can help and we always get declined.

8) Did I tell you that there was an earthquake here about 2 weeks ago?  It’s only 3 point something on the Richter scale but because we were quite close the epicenter, there was a noticeable jolt.  I missed it though because I was driving back from California.  Speaking of earthquakes, have you experienced any?  Taiwan is known for them.
 Really? That's interesting.  I've only noticed one, and that was back when I was in ping dong.

9). How are you doing?  How is your health?????   Any headaches or any aches in general?  Any injuries?  Any rashes?  How is your mental health?  Suffering from depression?  How about your spiritual health?  How are you in general?
I'm fine.  Just really tired and a bit stressed.  They changed our key indicator counting method, so now our numbers look even worse.  And I'm not quite sure how to bring them up... since the work here isn't the best.

11). So, has this mission been the hardest thing you have ever done in your life?  If you had the chance to go back in time and knowing what you do know, would you still choose to serve a mission?
Yes and yes.

Hello Mum and family and friends,

First, I must apologize for the quality of this email today.  I am very hot and my mood hasn't been the best these last few days.  Just stress, nothing too big.  It's the last week of the move call, and there has been but little progress in the area since I first moved here.  Granted, we do have 2 investigators, and we will have 3 (hopefully) at least by the end of this week... so, I guess that's a bit better than what we faced at the beginning of this move call: 0 investigators.

So, the reason for my stress is an accumulation of a ton of things... But the thing that topped it all off was our zone conference.  Zone conferences always leave me on a spiritual high, as well as make me desire to do better.  This zone conference was the same, though it left us with a bit more to work harder and "jia you" on.  For example, they changed the "suan-ing"/counting method of our key indicators in which RC and LA lessons don't count as such unless we have a member come with us.... well... that's super hard in this area where members are all spread out and our LA's and RC's all live in far out places and only have times to meet when most members are busy....  So, there goes the only number that looked decent on our Goal Reports.... I know it's not about the numbers, but it frustrates me even more to see that our efforts won't even show on our reports.  Our numbers are all 0's to 2's....

The whole effort is trying to get us to work better with the ward.  So now we will also count our meetings with members, so that is something that I do like.  Though, it's hard to see our numbers be so bad in other areas....  It's not like we aren't trying...  I've never been so exhausted in my life! This is definitely the hardest time of my mission thus far.

All that aside, this week was alright.

On Monday we ate at a hot pot buffet. That was pretty fun.  It was expensive, in relation with other food places, but it was worth it to just choose what we wanted to eat.  And there was a wide variety.  And we ate till we were very full, but not exploding, so we wouldn't have to eat dinner.  So worth it! I'll have to bring you guys to the restaurant when we all visit Taiwan next year.

Tuesday was good as well.  Had DTM and talked about the importance of establishing expectations with people during our first lessons with them.  Oh! And then in the evening we visited with a Li JM who is a less active, only because she has two jobs that make her super busy.  She taught us how to make super yummy Vietnamese egg rolls! So good!  We are also going to start teaching the lessons to her son, who is 10.  :D  He comes to church with is sister, because a member Yang JM takes them.  Yang JM is awesome! The kids are also super funny!  I'm excited to be able to go to their house more often.

Wednesday... Oh, right, we just had the Zone conference and then we taught English.  So, that day was eaten up with meetings and such.a

On Thursday we went to Lu Gang and met with a referral from the Elders.  This lady was super funny.  She kept telling us how she is Taoist, but the "Teacher" who is the same being as Heavenly Father said she could listen to us and learn from us.  So we were all like, cool!  She loves to learn.  It was funny.  When we taught her about the experience of Joseph Smith in the grove, she was like: "I can accept this, because when you go to a quiet place or you go in nature things like that can happen.  I've accepted this.  This is true."  And then she kept telling us that she loves to learn and what we taught her matches what she already knows and she like us.  So... hopefully we can teach her the Plan of Salvation this week and see if she likes that as well.  :D  We are also planning on giving her a baptismal goal.  Wish us luck!

Also on Thursday, we were looking for a place to tract when we found ourselves in front of member's house that I've visited once before.  She is super cute, just a bit lonely.  When we went in, she ushered us over to her coffee table (or what they call a tea table) and started teaching us origami.  Ever since then, Sister Pope and I keep making things out of paper.  Heehee!

 On Friday we did our weekly planning, met with Chen JM a member who is also a bit lonely and in need of a little bit of friendship, and had FHE with the singles.  That was fun! We played a fun game with running and rock paper scissors.  Oh! the elders also gave us mini uno! It's so cute.

And Saturday... well... most of our plans fell through on Saturday... so... yup... it was very hot and people kept cancelling.... 

Sunday was good.  It's weird having church in the afternoon.... we eat, go to church, have ward correlation meeting, go home eat... and then it's already like 7:30... yup.... weird....

And today, we are just planning on relaxing.  We need to relax.

I hope you all have a good week.  Here's a video you can watch that's good. It made me cry.
Sister Peng's cell phone charm.
 Love you!
Sister Nicholle Peng

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