Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/20/14 ~ A Week of Miracles!

1). Plans for the day?
We are working as normal.  Temple day tomorrow, so only one hour of email.

2). How was the trip to Costco's and IKEA last week?  Do they sell similar things as the stores here or is it all more Chinese stuff?
It was fun.  IKEA is the same.  Costco has more Asian stuff.

3). Are you and your companion still getting along splendidly?  You know, I saw the picture you sent last week and you guys really look alike like you really could be sisters.  In fact, Seca was looking at the picture and said that Sister Thao looks a lot like me too, especially with her hair.
Haha! We love each other so much! I actually hope she and I stay together until I leave.
Temple Trip

4). Any progressing investigators and less actives?  Are you having lessons to teach?
Tell you later

Dear Mum, Regan, Family and Friends,

So today's email may be a bit short, seeing as we have only an hour to email today.  We are going to the temple tomorrow, so tomorrow is our actual P-Day, though there won't be as much time to do the normal P-day activities seeing as it takes like 2-3 hours bus ride to get the temple and back.  So tomorrow, I'm looking forward to waking up at like 4 to make sure we are out of the door by 4:30ish so we bike to the Mission Home before 5:20.  So crazy! We might be so physically tired... so I'm hoping that we receive a spiritual high to keep us going throughout the rest of this week.  I'm so excited for the temple! I love going to the temple!  How blessed we are to be able to go the house of our Lord to serve those who have gone on before us, as well as to meditate and receive much needed guidance and revelation for our personal selves.  :D

So, seeing as my time is short, I'll just get right down to the miracles!

So, the biggest miracle that we came across this week was an investigator named Wei JM.  We first met her like two weeks ago, when she wanted to come to our ward's institute class.  And she is a referral from a friend in Daya.  Anyways, she's been in Taipei since then, so we hadn't really heard much from her.  But then, on Saturday morning, we were at the chapel doing our language evaluations on the chapel computers, when I get a phone call.  It was Wei JM apologizing that she slept in, and was late, but now she was at the church door, but it was locked.  Very confused, I go over and let her in.  I then figured out that she thought she was late for church! But church is on Sunday!  So, we get things figured out, and she decided that she wanted to just sit and talk with us.  So we share with her the message of the Restoration of the Gospel, and she is just taking it in.  She seemed to understand everything, and asked a ton of good questions.  The spirit was so strong!  At the end of the lesson, I was thinking that it would be a great time to bring up baptism, but I felt a little hesitant, since the lesson had already gone on for almost an hour, and most of the time when we bring up baptism it adds a bit more time.  But just as I was about to open my mouth to ask her about what she knew about baptism, she said: "Hey, I have another question.  Can you guys tell me about baptism?  My friend was talking about it."

Well, we go over a simple over view, telling her that it's a covenant we make with God that we are willing to follow the example of Christ.  And she has only one concern about the fact that she's afraid she won't be perfect after baptism, and so she is worried about the commitment.  We tell her she doesn't need to be perfect, in fact, the Lord knows we aren't perfect so we can always work on becoming better through repentance.  And she's like "I can accept that.  Yeah, I'll get baptized."  So then we gave her a date!  Her goal date is for 11/29!  We were so amazed at the experience!  It was definitely planned by God that we got to meet her! Especially since lately we've been struggling with the work soo much.  Like, no investigators and such... And then we meet Wei Jm!

So the story continues when she goes to church the next day.  She tells us she is a bit stressed because she learned that her mom opposes her learning about any sort of religion.  But when we go throughout the rest of church you can just tell that the spirit is working with her, and the members were great at making her feel comfortable.  Especially Macy who also has some family opposition.  Well, after the meeting, Wei JM shows us the church program and starts acting about the different activities listed.  And then she points out one that says "New Member Fireside- Nov. 16," and she's like: "I want to go to this." and Macy is like: "Well, that's for people who've just gotten baptized."  And Wei JM responds: “But my baptism is on 11/29!  Can I move my baptism up?"

Needless to say, Macy and we missionaries were astounded! And laughed and did our best to plan in everything that needs to get done before that date.  The problem is that she doesn't want her mom to notice she is coming here very often.  She is in her 20's, but her mom is still very controlling apparently.  She said that she'll get baptized one day.  She just doesn't know when.  She told us that since the first time she came, she felt that she would be baptized.

​ I have never met someone so prepared before! But I am blessed to have met her.  I know that the Lord is looking out for us.  I know he loves us and this is his plan.  I love teaching Wei JM, because I know we aren't doing anything.  The spirit is doing everything.  You can just see the light in her eyes!

I think things are looking up.  I am so grateful to serve here in Nantun.
Well, time is almost up.  I need to write president!
Hope you all have a good week! Love you!
Sister Nicholle Peng​

Meatballs at IKEA

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