Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10-11-14 ~ I Am So Thankful For A Living Prophet!

1). What are your plans for the day?
Going to Ikea and Costco! Haha! It's like America!

2). Getting to like Nantun more?  What is your favorite thing about the place thus far?
Yeah, it's pretty good.  I love the park.  There is this "Forest Park" That is big, and has a lot of people.  It's so pretty.  And there seems to always be activities going on during the weekends, making it a great place to contact, but it's also fun just to watch people doing fun things.

3). Many lessons to teach?  How do you like going to two wards on the same day?  Are you like being in a YSA ward?  Nope... But 6 hours of church is a long time being at church.... The YSA ward is okay.  It's harder to get to know them, because we can't visit them very well.  Most live out of our area...

4). How is your companionship going?  Do you think of you guys met tide of the mission you would be friends?  Sister Thao is great! I absolutely love her!  I lucked out with companions this transfer.  I think we would be good friends.  We get along very well, similar personalities and interests.  Also, we relate very well with each other.  Heck, we look pretty similar too! Haha!

5). What is the most exciting touristy thing in Nantun?
Uh.... Costco???? Ikea????  Not much.  People go to the other parts of Taizhong to go have fun.
Dear Mum, Regan, and loved ones,

Gyaha!!! Why is time going by so fast!  How is it the second week of this move call is already over?!?! What?!?!?  Also, how is it I only have an hour left of emailing time?!?!  I was having fun reading my emails and replying that I didn't notice that time was ticking away.

Anyhow, this week was pretty good.  I'll just share the best parts, or most interesting things, since all the rest was just pretty normal every day missionary stuff.

Monday was P-day.  We did normal p-day things, like buy groceries and go to a stationary store and buy a whole bunch of useless things.  I bought a kit to make rubber band bracelets.  So fun!  Also, we had a fun FHE with the singles.  We played a game called Gong Gong Chip Bang Ahh! So fun!

On Tuesday we had ZTM.  I love ZTM! But this ZTM was all about having more Faith, Diligence, and Efficiency in doing the work of the Lord.  In order to fulfill our purpose as the Lord's servants, we must be dedicated to the work and believe that we will receive miracles.  And then, they had us practice, just like they do in every ZTM, except for this one, it was a live practice.  They had us all go out on the streets and contact people, in the purpose of switching info and setting up.  We also did it with a different companion.  It was so fun!  I think we all have more fire to do the work!  If we set our minds in the right mindset, and if we have faith that we will be guided, we will find those who are in need of the Gospel. :D

Wednesday we met with an RC named Chen JM.  Cool thing is that I actually attended her baptism when I came up to this area for three days while awaiting my transfer to Tainan.  She is SOOO AWESOME!!! So spiritual! We shared with her the talk in the Liahona/ Ensign called The Jadeite Cabbage.  You can look it up, it's awesome! It is like the theme to my life!

Saturday was fun.  We watched conference.  Conference was awesome! On the Saturday session, I really liked the talk by Jorg Klebingat about spiritual confidence.  He shared 6 principles to help us receive more spiritual confidence when knowing that we will one day have to stand in the face of God.  The six principles are: Take responsibility of your spiritual well-being (Pray, Read the Scriptures, Obey), Take responsibility for your physical well-being, Embrace obedience, Become really really good at repenting, Becoming really really good at forgiving everyone, and Accept trails as part of our mortal experience.  Soo good!

Also on Saturday we went to a park to go contacting.  After having minimal success, we were about to leave, when a family started talking to me, as I was waiting for a light with my bike.  They were super super willing to switch info with us, and kept wanting our FB and phone number and such.  Then, while my comp and I were contacting them, I was contacted by a guy holding flyers.  The conversation between us really made me laugh.
Guy: Hello! How are you!
Me: I'm good.  Thank you.
Guy: Wow! Your English is very good!
Me: Wo shi Mei Guo ren (I'm American...)...
Guy: What!?!?!?

Sunday was also really good.  Watched more conference in the morning.  During conference I really liked how there were a lot of talks about the Prophet and about receiving personal revelation.  God loves us so much! Of course he would give us his guidance!  Of course he would want us to know we can receive help from him anytime we need it.  Aren't we so lucky to have a living Prophet to help guide us?  I am so thankful for President Thomas S Monson.  I am thankful for his love and his sacrifices. I support and sustain him.  I know that he is a true servant of God.

So, as for today's plans, nothing too exciting.  We are just going to Ikea and Costco! Yay! It's just like America! Haha!  It'll be fun.  :D

As for this week, we are praying for miracles... we've had some hard hits with investigators... so... yeah...  For those RM's out there.... How do you guys teach Christians????  I've spent most of my mission teaching Buddhists or others without a Christian background.... so right now I'm having to change a lot of how I'm used to doing things....

Well, I hope you are all doing great! I'm going to try to upload some photos! :D

Sister Peng & Sister Tao

Love you!
Sister Nicholle Peng

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