Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5/11/14 ~ Happy Mother's Day!!!

I can't express how happy I was to be able to Skype home to see all those happy faces awaiting me.  Especially that of my FAVORITE MOM!  I was super happy, and I'm sad that time went by so quick... 45 minutes is not enough.  But I am so excited that on Christmas I won't have to Skype.  I'll be home! Wa Sai! Time goes by so fast!

Thank you Mom for always being there for me.  You are my best friend in the WORLD and I know that God really does plan out our families before we come to this earth.  Mom, you are by role model and hero.  You always know what's best for me, and you always are willing to talk and listen.  I'm sorry I can't be there with you this Mother's Day in person, but I hope you can feel my love all the same.

My mom is what you call a "super star mom."  I don't think anyone could ever compare to her.  She always taught me from when I was little how to be loving, how to be kind, how to be patient, how to be happy, and how to have faith.  The Lord has blessed me with her.  And there is no way I can ever repay her.

Anyways, for everyone else, thanks for being awesome!  Because of all my family and friends, I am who I am today.  Thanks for your love and support.

Also, for all those who don't know: Mom and Regan are getting married this week!  I am sooo happy!  God has truly blessed our family with even more miracles than I could have ever asked for.  I remember leaving on my mission and telling my mom that she could do anything, except get married... well, I am swallowing my words and giving her full approval!  Exciting things are happening! And I couldn't be happier!

As for what's going on here... well... this email is probably going to be short... Nothing much is happening in the work here....

Oh! We had a single parent family move in.  The mom was just baptized this month on the 3rd, and then because of some stuff, she moved to our ward with her 3 kids (and she also has one on the way).  This family is going to need help, but the ward have been so awesome at taking care of them.  I love member power!

Hmm... what else... I tried a Tuna Corn waffle... Did you know that pretty much anything can be put in/on a waffle?  Well, it can!  I'm seriously thinking about opening a small cafe that serves all the random yummy thing's I've eaten here in Taiwan.  Like Mango ice (as well as other Taiwan shaved ice treats), Crazy waffles, Mango Milk, Papaya Milk, Watermelon Milk, etc.  It would be a fun thing to do.... Or I'll teach Chinese... or go into medicine... or teach psychology.... or just stay at home with my future kids..... so many options!

Hmm... well.... what else.... not much... I'm going to be so thankful for air conditioning these next few months.  It's HOT!

Well, that's pretty much all folks!  To all the mom's out there: THANK YOU!!  YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!! But no one is as awesome as MY MOM!!!! :D

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng
(The luckiest Daughter in the world)

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  1. What a great tribute from your cute daughter. I think you are pretty amazing too!