Monday, June 10, 2013

This is Nicholle's 2nd email.  If you want to write her she would love to receive letters.  The best way to contact her is through while she is in the MTC as she only gets 30 minutes on the computer at the MTC.  When you use they will print it and put it into an envelope and deliver it for free.

You need the following Info for
   Unit #: 152
   Mission Code:  TAIW-TCG
   Estimated MTC Departure Date:  AUG01
Hello Mom! Da Jia Hao!
Well, about 2 weeks down! And I'm still alive.  I've learned that the days go by slow and the weeks go by super fast!  That's primarily because most of the days mesh into one since it's all a jumble of classes for both language and missionary training, meals and sleeping.  This week wasn't as bad as the first week, but I didn't think the first week was too terrible.   I'm so grateful that I've had the chance to learn Chinese before coming here.  I'm still learning a ton, but it's a bit easier since I already know how to put the new vocab together and such. 
My favorite times at the MTC aren't when we are in class though.  I really love the devotionals that we get on Tues and Sunday.  They are really a spiritual boost that is much needed.  I really like the amount of hymns we sing here.  We sing a few song before every devotional to bring the spirit into the room.  On sunday, for relief society, we sang the New version of Sisters of Zion.  It made me cry!  Because, I am a Sister of Zion!  We also sang the Army of Heleman.  But here, we've changed a few of the words.  So instead of "We are as the Lord's missionaries"  It's "We are now the Lord's Missionaries"  Also, during the Relief society meeting, Sister Anne Clegg came to talk to us.  She is amazing!  She gave us "The Three Most important things to know to be a missionary."  1) Know your purpose  2) Be Bold   3) Expect Miracles  This talk was very good, and I'm glad she came to talk to us.  Sundays are always such a spiritual boost.  Also on Sunday, I watched the Joseph Smith movie.  It makes me cry every time.
I still find myself awed at the number of missionaries here. And there are more coming!  I've heard someone say that this is the crest of the wave.  And we are going to be riding on top.  It's an amazing time to be a missionary, and I am so thankful to have this opportunity.
Talking about the massive number of missionaries, we will be having devotionals at BYU's Merriott center for the rest of this summer.  We have had so many missionaries that we don't all fit in the auditorium that they used to use.  In fact, it's a historical event! And guess what, they chose 6 missionaries to talk to the Media about it! And guess what!!! THEY CHOSE ME TO BE ONE OF THEM!!!  They said that we were all recommended by good sources... I just don't know who this source is.  And I don't know why out of a few thousand missionaries, they chose ME!  It's super crazy!  So, I'll be talking with the media tomorrow... I'm not sure when they'll release it, and the Director person we talked to said that he would send a list of all the media reportors there to my home.  But Keep an eye out!
When they called for me to go down to the meeting for the Media things, I thought I was in trouble.  No one had talked to me or my companion about anything! The others, who were all Elders, knew what was going on though....
I am in choir, which is one of the best experiences ever!  We are going to be doing something amazing with choir as well.  The church is going to do a global broadcast with something dealing with missionary work and members.  So they are getting about 1400 missionaries to sing with 1400 church members and we are going to be singing for the First Presidency and the twelve Apostles!!!! I'm super excited! It's going to be awesome!  We have to memorize our songs though, which will be a bit hard, but not to difficult.  I just have to get used to the Alto parts... Also, one of the songs gets pretty high, so us altos are trying not to screech. :)
We got to go to the temple today! It was such a beatiful experience.  I didn't get to go through last time.  But this time, we got to do sealings.  I've never done sealings, but it was a cool experience.  As a missionary, we can only get sealed as a child and never as one of the parents.  That's because as a missionary, we give up all "coupley" things. Sealings don't take as long to do as endowment sessions, which is also another positive thing. :)
So, we've finished teaching our first "investigator" and we are preparing to teach our second.  Our first "investigator" is actually a teacher, who is now teaching us.  Which is a good thing, because we can now learn how to be better.  Our second "investigator" will be our teacher that we had previously... which is a bit silly...  I'm sure we will have a hard time trying to keep a straight face when we walk into the room.
In the beginning, I was afraid of teaching.  Now I kind of look forward to it.  It gives you a sort of spiritual rush.  Especially when the lessons don't end up too terribly.  Most people have funny stories to share about how they've messed up... But I don't think we've actually messed up too bad.  But that's mainly because of the fact that I have enough Chinese to get my point across.  Which is nice.  Sometime's I'm not sure what I want to say, but in the end, I figure something out.  I feel bad sometimes for Sister Eliason.  She looks lost a lot of the time.  I point out things for her to say though.  I'm trying to think of how I can better serve her in helping her with the language.
The food is still edible.  Thanks Mom for the Package.  However, I must say, the donuts didn't completely survive the trip.  The frosting melted, and they looked a bit smooshed.  I don't think any of my roommates dare to eat them. I've tried a few bites... they aren't bad... but I'm sorry, they are probably going to end up in the trash.  I have a picture of Sister Andrson pretending to eat them.  She is super funny! Love her!
Another funny story happened last night.  I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, when a Sister started talking to me in Spanish.  I said Hola and then told her that I am actually Chinese and I speak Mandarin.... Do I look Mexican???? I think I look pretty Asian myself...
Another funny thing is that I have the hardest time calling people "Sisters" or "Elders"  I keep saying things like:  "Hey Guys!" but we aren't supposed to say "Guys".... We all keep messing up.  Also, I'm not used to being called Sister Peng... I always feel like they are calling my Mom or something.
Anyways, I should probably go! Love you all! Wo ai nimen!
Sister Peng

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