Monday, June 17, 2013

Week #3 The MTC experience continued....

 Week #3:  Nicholle is still doing well!  She would love letters if you have the time to write!

This is my quail friend, Cornelius.  He comes and visits my study area at around 3pm every day... He's a bit annoying, but I love him all the same. :)
Dear Mom and Everyone else,
Ni hao!  How is everyone?  This week has been good, though I still can't believe we still have about 6-7 weeks left... that feels like an eternity!  We haven't even gotten 1/3 of the way through yet.  But it's all good.  We are learning a lot, and it's fun being here.  Though sometimes, all I want to do is sleep!  We go to bed pretty much on time, and wake up and we are still exhasted.  Ah well. There isn't much you can do.  Except we are thinking of scheduling a nap time. ;P

My companion has been sick this week, so that hasn't been fun.  We've missed a lot of class time because of that.  I feel okay with missing language class times, since most of it is pretty easy considering that I've learned it all before.  I don't like missing time when they are explaining missionary stuff though... I keep feeling like we are missing out on things.  I hope she feels better soon.  I don't think I'll catch what she has, but I've been washing my hands like crazy to make sure I don't. 

So, I think in order to get things organized, I'll write the highlights of each day.
Tuesday:  Well, I love Tuesday evenings, since we get the devotionals.  But this past Tuesday was special.  We got to go to the Marriot center, which is HUGE!  But since my companion and I were getting interviewed by the media, we got a ride in a car.  On our ride, we had to stop by Wyview, the west campus MTC, to pick up the Elders that were also getting interviewed.  It was so weird to be out in the "normal" world.  :)  I'm a bit jealous of the people in Wyview, they get TVs and eat at local resturants on p days... Ah well. :)  It's nice being at main campus, even though it's getting a bit cramped...  The speaker at the devotional was way good, to top it all off.  All of the devotionals are a big spiritual boost.  Love them!  (  (

Sister Peng & Sister Eliason had reserved seating for the devotional (okay, I couldn't get the picture to turn around).

Wed:  Well... On Wednesday, we didn't go to classes, because Sis Eliason slept all day... It was nice and relaxing for me, but I wanted to be in classes...  We also saw the new missionaries come in.  It's funny, because the first couple of days, you can tell who is new, even without the orange sticker.  They just look lost, shocked, and some of the Sisters don't dress properly.

Thurs:  Well... Nothing exciting happens on Thursday, to be honest... It's just another day of class... Ah well, we learn a lot!
Friday:  Nothing really on Fridays either... Being a missionary is the only time where Fridays and Saturdays don't really matter...  There is no excitment for the weekend.  Enjoy your weekends!

Saturday:  We got to go to the TRC for the first time.  It's when you give lessons to volunteers who are members.... It was the worst time we had teaching yet, just because we couldn't figure out what to teach our investigator, Brother Tsai.  He was a return missionary, and I think he ended up teaching us more than we taught him.  It was a good experience though.

Sunday:  I love Sundays!  We watched Music and the Spoken word and then we sat through Relief society.  The speaker was Neill F Marriott, who is the 2nd Councilor of the General Young Womens.  She gave an excellent talk, which included her own conversion story.  She really emphasized serving the Lord with all of our hearts, might, mind and strength.  For our Sunday night devotional, it was broadcasted from the West Campus.  Stephan B Allen spoke, and he showed a lot of Old Mormon Ads.  They are all cheesy, but they all have good messeges. :)  Then, for our movie, we watched the Testaments.  That movie always makes me cry!

Sister Peng and her district
And today is Monday.  So far so great! We went to the temple eariler, and did a session.  I love going to the temple! We also finally got a picture of our whole district together!  I'll post that with this email.  We are now just writing letters and such... P.S. if anyone wants mail from me, they'll have to send things to me first.  Otherwise, I won't know your address... :P  Think of it as a trade. :)

Hmm.... Anyways... I would share a spiritual thought or scripture... but I forgot my scriptures...  Hmm...  Here's a mormon ad tag line that is great: "It's not who you aren't.  It's Who you are.  And being yourself is being great."  And here's another.  "It's often life's small moments that make the best memories.  Don't let their magic pass you by"

Just want all of you to know that I'm loving the MTC, and that I miss you all!  Be fantastic! 
Nicholle (Sister Peng)
Oh! P.S.  Happy Father's day Mom, you are both parents to me!  And happy father's day to Grandpa! And happy Father's day to everyone who is a dad... :) 

Pardon my typing... I don't like these computers....
Oh! On Sunday, we learned that our branch is getting divided into 2, to make room for the new incoming missionaries... So the branch I'm in is basically the old German branch...  We are just replacing them.  Our branch presidency speaks German.... So, they won't be able to understand any of the talks that us missionaries will give. :P

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