Monday, June 3, 2013

First P-Day

Sister Peng's P-Day at the MTC will be on Mondays.  She is very busy but is doing well.  
Dear Mom and Everyone else,
Well, So far so good!  Wednesday through Saturday was pretty hard.  My bottom has been so sore from sitting all day long!  We stay in one room for the majority of the day and the chairs are rather hard.  We are also cramped, since we have 12 people in our district.  Only 4 of those are sisters. Everyone gets along and it's pretty fun to be with all of them.  I love my companion, Sister Eliason.  She is super sweet and funny!  We get along great.  (Oh, and she's a friend of Johnny Jacobs).  I'm in the same room as Sister Anderson and her companion is Sister Mancilla.  They are both really funny, and they love to talk and make funny faces.  We keep teasing that Sister Anderson is flirting with all of the elders. ;)

Anyways, so I guess I'll answer my mom's questions:
1) Are you finding things that you enjoy eating?
 The food here is okay... Nothing really exciting.  On Sundays they have ice cream though, which is nice.  Yesterday I didn't get any though because we had really good chocolate and caramel cake. It was soo yummy!  My favorite part of each meal is the fruit.  Every meal I eat pineapple and cantaloupe and honey dew.  Once they had strawberries! That made my day! 

2) Are you guys gonna get more sisters in your room or does the room only accommodate 4?
Our room accommodates 6 girls (bed wise).  We got lucky.  I don't know if they will put more girls in our room.  I hope not, though they probably will... We are supposed to get about 150 new missionaries in our branch over the next few weeks!  It's going to be crazy!

3) Have you figure out how to find the time to shower and such?
So far, I haven't had problems showering.  There has always been at least one open.  Sister Mancilla has had to wait in a few lines, and Sister Anderson has had some cold showers, but so far I haven't had any difficulties. :) I just hate waking up earlier so I can shower and still have time to get ready.

4) What is your daily schedule like?
Hmm... Daily Schedule... Well since we are new our schedule isn't totally routine.  Every morning we wake up at around 6:30 and get ready until 7.  Then we go to our class to do personal study, which is then followed by breakfast.  After breakfast we go to class again and do some sort of language study, followed by additional study time.  We then go to dinner and then teach our investigator.

5) How in the heck do you have 30 pounds of material? Do you want me to send you your PMG now or closer to when you leave?
I don't know! We just have a lot of books! It's crazy!  And I don't even understand half of them! hahaha!  We have English copies, pin yin copies and character copies of everything.  So that probably adds to the bulk.  Our pocket dictionaries aren't really pocket sized either.... and we have 2 text books.

6) Are you getting mail from people yet?
So far, I've only gotten stuff from Mom and Gong Gong and PoPo.  It's nice though, since mail is apparently like gold around here.  Oh, and you haven't been sending too much.  I just take my time to read things.  I love my package too! Don't know when I'll have time to eat stuff though, because it feels like all we do is eat and study here.

7) Did you get my care package on the first day? Are you sharing?
Yes, I have been sharing. :)  Everyone loves the Hichew. :)
8) What do you do for your morning exercise?
We haven't had a morning exercise time yet.  All of ours have been after dinner, which is gross.  We run and do a lot of core and push up stuff...  We haven't had much exercise time since we are new... We are supposed to start getting regular exercise times though.

9) Are you learning a lot of Chinese? Have you had to teach a discussion in Chinese yet?
I'm learning a lot of gospel Chinese words.  It's fantastic! And yes, we've had to teach twice so far. and we have to teach again today.  So far, it's been okay, though they only teach us vocab and not very much about how to put things together.  They also haven't taught us enough to figure out how to teach the lessons... They've only taught us how to pray and bear our testimonies.
10) Where is the fourth sister in your room from?
Sister Mancilla is from... I forgot. Her family is from Mexico though.  Sister Eliason is a friend of Johnny's.
11) Are there many other Chinese people in your mission group?
I'm the only Chinese person in my district.  There are a couple of others in our branch as a whole.

12) What has been the best thing about the MTC thus far? What have you had to take some adjusting to?
My favorite thing has been.... Sunday...  Because it's more relaxed.  I also love temple walks, when we just get to walk around the temple

13) Have you join the choir? When do they practice?
We haven't had choir yet.  I think we practice Tuesday and Sunday
14) Why do the language advanced people get instructions in English? That's strange. 
IDK..... Really, IDK...
Okay, I have to go... We only get 30 mins on this computer. I'll try and send pictures quickly though.

Love you all! Zai Jian!
Ai, Sister Peng.
                                    Sister Peng says that her roommates are Awesome!
                                                         She loves her companion!

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