Friday, December 5, 2014

12-1-14 ~ Sister Peng's Brain Is Scattered...

1). What are your plans for the day?
Shopping at stationary stores for Christmas presents.  Yup

2).  Did you get my card with the pictures?  If so, did you like the cards?  It surely made me laugh.
Not yet

3). Did you enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal with the missionary couple?  It was hard to tell from the picture.
We had a Mission tour, so that's why they gave us some yummy food.  The pictures were sent by Sister Gong, wife to the area seventy.

4). Did you go to Ikea for mashed potatoes?  Nope, haven't had a chance.

5). Did you get fed by anyone else besides by the missionary couple?
On thanksgiving we were invited over to a member’s house who made ma la hot pot.  Sooo yummy!

6).   Are the investigators progressing?  Is sister Lu (is that her name?) going to meet her baptism date.
We have to change Liu JM's goal, since we learned that she just barely doesn't live in our area, so we have to transfer her to a different ward, which means she has to attend there a couple of times before she is baptized.

7). How are you and Sister Swan getting along?  At you a good companionship?  Do your personality mesh and complement each other?
We are doing well.  Not as good as me and sister Thao, she's more quiet..... but it's good.

8). Are you staying focused?  Sprinting to the finish line?
Trying to just get everything figured out before I leave.  Too much to do!

9). Do you know how much everyone loves you and support you?  I hope you can feel of that love and support.
I can! :D

Dearest Mum, Regan, and loved ones,

Well, today I don't have much time to chat.  I had to upload a bunch of pictures and a reflections talk and email them to the mission office in preparation for my departure.... scary that it has to be done already!  But, something great just happened! I found my lost pictures!!!! Yayayayayayaya!  Anyways...

I'm doing well, just feeling like there is still not enough time to do anything.  Especially computer time to email... sorry... But yeah, everyone keeps reminding me that I'm leaving soon.... and I guess it makes sense why they do that.... seeing as I only have 2 weeks left....

This week was great though! We had Mission Conference and Elder Gong who is the Area president or something came and talked with us.  He and his wife are so cute!  It was a spiritual conference and I was grateful for the things I was able to get from it.  It's never too late to become better as a missionary, even when you are only a few weeks from going home.  There is still plenty of time for miracles.

Oh, Sister Liu's baptism got pushed back, since after she passed her interview we learned later that she doesn't live in our area... but that's okay, since we are over the singles branch, and she is single.  She just has to attend Singles branch before she can get baptized, but she is out of town this weekend due to voting.

Oh! They just had voting day on Saturday.  I think they were voting for mayor or something?  It was very noisy outside.  Parades and fireworks everywhere!

I keep forgetting to say anything, also because we haven't done anything about it, but guess what!  I'm a FB missionary!

So, this email is very scattered, since my brain has been very scattered recently... too much to think about...

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  It sounds like my family got thoroughly fed.  On Thanksgiving a member invited us over and we had a Ma LA Hot pot dinner.  So spicy! I thought it was sooo yummy, but Sister Swan was dying. :P  Also, the day afterwards, when we had Mission Conference, they prepared a yummy Thanksgiving dinner of ham, funeral potatoes, salad, rolls and pumpkin pie!  I loved the Pumpkin pie! It's been sooo long since I've had pie!

Also, yesterday after church there was a ton of food.  Apparently it was a potluck feast.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! I may have eaten too much.... no... I did eat too much! But it was soo good! :D

Sister Swan and I are working on getting new investigators though.  Since lately our investigators have been hard to get a hold of....  Sister Swan and I are hoping and working for miracles!!!!

I love Swan, I can be my silly normal self, and she just accepts it.  We've had a lot of fun together.  I love her! 

What else have I been wanting to say...?

Well, time is a ticking.  Guess what! Next time will probably be the last time I email.... or the second to last time.... Not sure!  I uploaded a picture I drew.  Hope you like it.  It's our Nantun district.  The Elders were too tall, so they didn't quite fit in the picture.... :P

Love you all!  May your lives be full of joy!  And happy December!!! :D
Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

Click on the link below for picture of missionaries.

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