Monday, November 24, 2014

11/24/14 ~ New Companionship

1). So, who is your companion?  Where is she from?  How old is she?  How long has she been out?  Do you have many things in common?
My companion, well, I'll write about her in my big email.  But her name is Sister Swan.  She's from St George. She is 21 she's been out for 9 months.  We are both missionaries, both have two eyes, both of us eat food... etc.

2). What are your plans for the day?  Umm... well, seeing as we are still lacking a bike for Sister Swan.... not much....  We can't really go anywhere...

3). Are you going to stay with this companion until you leave?  Would you affect by the next round transfers this coming week?
Probably, because she'll have to learn the area, and then she'll probably go senior companion here after I leave.  So, we'll probably get to be together for the next couple of weeks.

4) Are the investigators continuing to progress?  I loved the tea and tithing stories!  They made us laugh.
So far so good.  Update you in the big letter.

5). Did you get fed this week?
Umm... A member made noodles for us yesterday.... And a guy from single's ward gave me, and only me, spicy duck blood....

6) Any plans for Thanksgiving? MASHED POTATOES FROM IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, and Weekly planning...

7) Is the weather cooling down? Kind of?  I thought it was, but then it got hot again.

8). Did you get the thanksgiving card I sent?  Yup! Thanks!

9). How is your Taiwanese?  Can you understand it?  Wa ti a bo tai gee

10). Are you staying focused on the work?
  Doing the best I can!  The lord has made me very busy, so that helps. :D

Dearest Mum, Regan, and loved ones,
How does this beautiful bright and sunny winter day find you this morning?  Well, it's bright and sunny here.  Not even a hint of clouds.  I guess it's a bit different there in the states.  I mean, I've been hearing tales of snow and coldness.  Part of me forgets what's that is like.  Snow is like a dream once lived and since forgotten....  I'm sure once I get back it will be a cold sharp reality that will snap me back to my senses.  But right now I'll soak in the warmth of Taiwan.  Never thought I would be afraid of the cold... but now.... I'm always indecisive if I should bring a jacket when we go outside or not.

Anyways, this week’s highlights, well, as I mentioned Sister Thao was notified that she would move last week.  And last week, we were kind of hoping and praying that we would get a JK notice, and someone would tell us that she could stay.  But alas, on Wednesday morning we learned that she would be headed for the distant land of Gao Xiong, and would be leaving me for good on Friday.  It was something bittersweet for the both of us.  And only made better with the knowledge that we will still be able to see each other at the Christmas activity.  But we had been hoping that she would move to somewhere closer so that she could come up and visit when our investigator, Liu JM, gets baptized.... but seeing as she is so far away... I don't know what will happen....

So much of last week was spent with us meeting with people and Sister Thao having to say good bye to them.  She was sad she couldn't say good bye to Liu JM in person, since she was in YiLan, but at least she got to call her.  But on Friday, we took her up to the train station and went our separate ways.  Then I got to meet my new companion Sister Swan.  I actually got to know her when I was down in Tainan, we were in the same zone, and at that time she was being trained.  She is also from Utah, though she is from St George.  She is older than I am by a year, and she has been on island for 9 months.  She is really spiritual and easy going; which is good, since we've been going by foot for these last couple of days, waiting for her bike to be shipped up here.

Yes, walking has been an adventure, it's been kind of nice actually, though I constantly feel paranoid that we are going to get to places late.  But I guess there are missions in the world that are walking missions.  I'm just grateful that we normally have bikes.  I love biking.

So, as to investigators.  I mentioned Liu JM is getting baptized.  Her goal is on Dec 6th, and she is looking good on hitting it!  I even gave her the option of pushing it back a week, because this week and last week she keeps having to go back to her home in YiLan, which makes it so she has less time to meet with us, but we've been giving her a crash course on the missionary lessons and she is loving it!  When asked why she wanted to get baptized, she replied that she has been feeling that that's just what she should do.  She said that actually, when we shared about baptism a couple of weeks ago, she kept feeling like she was going to tear up, though at the time she didn't know why.  I love Liu JM so much!  And I believe that she would be a strong addition to our ward here in Nantun.  I am so grateful the Lord let me get to know her.  

Her baptismal interview is on this Wednesday, so we are super excited!  Keep praying for her! Thank you all for your support!

Also, Xu JM isn't doing badly either.  Her goal is coming up quick as well, though if she doesn't hit it it's okay, she takes a bit more time to absorb it all.  She really likes the Plan of Salvation though.  And we had a really good lesson with her and the two members who helped pei ke.  We checked to see what she felt about her baptismal date, and she said she still feels good about it, so if she wants to actually hit it, we'll have to start meeting with her quite often in the next few weeks.  But she said she is willing to do that as well. So, we'll see how things work out.

Yesterday at church was fun.  It was the primary program in the Nantun ward, which ended up being pretty similar to all the other primary program I've ever seen.  The kids are so cute! Though some of them yell-sing in their enthusiasm.  Their teachers and parents did a good job in preparing the kids.  I can bet it wasn't easy, but their hard work paid off.  Everyone was in smiles, and I don't think anyone fell asleep in the midst of all the cuteness.  There was one little boy, upon getting up at the pulpit, who took a long look over the congregation, pulled his notes out of his shirt pocket like a professional, and then started to read his talk at a very slow and careful pace.  Everyone was trying to refrain from laughing.  It was so cute!

Hmm.... well, anything else.... I can't think of anything.... This email is short, but that's okay, because I need to do some things in preparation for my finishing my mission.... they want us to send in a whole bunch of reflection things such as our talk, a miracle story and pictures..... It’s making me stressed, because I keep wanting to push it back....  I still have a ton of time here! A lot can happen in three weeks!  Sigh.... So much to do, so little time....

Well, this week, I just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  May your heart be full of gratitude and your stomachs full of turkey!  Don't forget the things you are grateful for, always count your blessings, and you will find that the Lord will bless you even more.  

I love you all!  May you be safe and blessed during this winter season.  Until next time!

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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