Monday, September 2, 2013

Rain, rain go away!!!

Sister Peng has always LOVED rain..........well, that is until now :)
Dearest Mum and the World (okay, well not really the whole world, just those who matter and who I care about. :D )

Her trainer/companion taught her how to sew a book cover.
Well, yesterday was my one month mark here on the island!  This week was probably not the best week I've ever had.  I learned that after having a whole week of pouring rain really makes you not like rain  (Unlike the rain that we are accustomed to in Utah or the Pacific Northwest, Sister Peng has stated that when it rains in Taiwan, it pours like sheets of rain) ....  It's not enjoyable being wet 24/7  (The air-conditioning unit in our bedroom allows the rain to come in... even when it's not on... so... our beds were wet... yay!)  So far, I've tried out 4 different rain jackets/ covers/ suit things...  The one I bought in the US is great, but it's too short leaving half of me wet.  The second that I bought still lets my skirts get wet, and also, I've managed to put a hole in it, even though it's pretty thick plastic (which makes it not very movable...), then I tried the green poncho that my grandma gave me.  That one worked pretty well, as long as there isn't wind... and I also managed to put a hole in that one as well... And so I gave up and bought one that is comparable to a plastic bag that will probably need to be thrown away after wearing it a couple of times.  I'm looking for a better rain suit... in the meantime, I've been layering, which is quite effective. :D Haha, but a little bit hot and inconvenient....(Anyone have any suggestions as to how she can stay dry in the pouring rain while riding a bicycle in a dress/skirt?)

I've just ended up deciding that rain here is like a free shower.... soap, enjoyment, and cleanliness not included....

Anyways, I'll share a few of my highlights this week. :)

Jesus drawn by a child in Englis class
Well, actually, this one happened last week, but I forgot about it.  So, I was doing one of my language pass offs, teaching about the Gospel of Christ... And everything was going well, and I was speaking Chinese really fast.  Well, I apparently got confused and told my "investigator" that God is our Child.....  Which is clearly not true.  Normally I say:  God is our Heavenly Father.  Or we are God's children... I just put them all together, which gives everything a different meaning all together... yup! :D  So, don't get confused.  God is NOT our Child. :P

So, I think it was on Tuesday... or some other day... not important.  But we were really pushing curfew, since we were talking to the relief society president about people who needed help (less actives).  Well... She lives pretty far from where we live... So, we ended up biking 65km in less than 30 minutes.  That was so fun! Haha!  I love going fast. :D  Normally, a ride like that would take us... an hour and a half... since my trainer likes biking slowly.  I like going a bit faster, so I end up having to put my brakes on, so I don't get too close to her....  But 65km in 30 minutes! Idk how many miles that is... Yeah...(I, mom, looked it up for her.  It is 40.39 miles)

On Thursday, we had a training meeting, which was fun.  Well, not fun, but informative.  President Blickenstaff (mission president) and his wife were there to talk to us.  Actually, it wasn't that fun or informative, since I had a bad headache that whole day...  But it was great because I could see Sister Eliason, my MTC companion!!! Yay!!! I miss her so much!  She really is like a sister to me.  :D  I love companions!  And, it was great because we got to eat cinnamon rolls! Yum!!! 

First followup meeting with First 12 weeks new missionaries and their trainers.
Talking about food, we got to go to a night market this week to eat food with a recent convert.  We ate steak.  Steak Taiwanese style is different.  It's thin, placed on a bed of noodles, with thick gravy like pepper sauce and has an egg on the side.  It's yummy, but different. :D  I still like the food here.  Though, lately, since it was the end of the month and we were running low on cash and we had to clean out or food storage, we've been eating a lot of pao mien, which is Chinese for instant noodles.  I've never eaten soo much instant noodles in my life! Not even in college!  Today we get to go to the store though, and it's a new month, so we'll go and buy more exciting food.  Like French fry potato chips (for a snack not for dinner.  Don't worry mom!).... Yum!

Anyways, this week, I've had a witness that God really does answer prayers.  Saturday was miserable, for me, since we spent most of it outside and being soaking wet.  I was also not in the best of moods... Which is my fault for making it worse, by having a bad perspective on things... anyways, that whole day my companion and I were praying fervently for relief from the rain.  Since rain isn't fun. (It’s uncomfortable, and my companion and I were both on the verge of having colds... not good)  And rain makes many of our investigators cancel on us.  Well, on Sunday, no rain!  And today, no rain!  I almost forgot what it felt like to be dry!  Haha! :D

Oh! Next week, we'll be having a baptism!!! So Excited!!! X  X  (our Investigator) is super golden!  She is already a member of the ward family.  She is super cute, and everyone loves her.  I am so excited for the blessings she'll receive.  And I know her path won't be an easy one, especially with her family being opposed to the church.  But I know following Christ isn't an easy choice.  But it is an essential one.

Anyways, I'll just wrap this up with a bit of a spiritual thought about our missionary name tags.  I remember
when my mom always told me to remember who I am and what I stand for.  Well, the missionary badges are a reminder of both of those.  At the top, is my name.  Sister Peng.  Sister reminds me that I am a part of Heavenly Father's family.  I am his daughter, which consequentially makes everyone who has ever lived or will live is a spiritual brother or sister to me.  This means that I need to treat everyone as such.  I need to love my neighbor, just as Christ taught.  The bottom part of the name tag is a reminder of who I stand for.  Currently, I am a representative of Jesus Christ (Yesu Jidu).  I must stand as a witness of him in all times in all things and all places.  I must live his teachings and live my life in the way he lived his- loving and serving.  You don't have to have a missionary badge to remember these things. Everyone can have Christ's name written in their hearts.  Everyone can learn of him and become more like him.  Never forget you are a child of a loving Heavenly Father.  Never forget that you should always stand for what's good and true.
Anyways, I probably should go soon.  I still need to write my mission president!  I love you all!
An email is not complete without her weekly Wintermelon
Love, Sister Nicholle Peng

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