Monday, August 26, 2013

Yay!!! We have pictures!

 Sister Peng was finally able to send pictures via her email so there will be a quite a few pictures in this post.

Hello Mother and other people,

Anyways, this picture is me eating a cookie called Cow Tongue Biscuit, because it's thin and long and looks like a cow's lounge... yup... :) It's very yummy! 
View from Sister Peng's apartment on the 13th floor
So, this week has been good.  Really fast, and really wet. We’ve been getting a lot more sun lately though. Which is good, since it's not wet, but bad since it's really hot.  And to top things off, our air conditioner was broken for 4 days... Just got it fixed though!  But sleeping without it was not fun, since it was really hot.  We are on the very top floor of our apartment, and heat rises... it's okay, we survived, and we didn't melt too much. : P  Anyways, not much that's new this week...  Oh! I thought of something good!
Pink skies right before a rain storm
One of our Investigators, Z JM (JM = Jie Mei = sister; so in English it would be Sister Z)  passed her baptism interview!!! YAY!!! We'll probably be having a baptism on Sept. 7th! I'm super excited for her!  She is a very awesome person, and you can definitely tell the gospel has changed her. :D 
Hmm... What else, oh!  I went on my first companion exchange with the Sister Training leaders.  I got to spend 24 hours with Sister Smith in Feng Shan.  It was a fun experience, and it was nice to be able to talk in English to someone, and be clearly understood.  During the evening, it was raining like crazy.  We were completely soaked!  And then, the next day was super, super hot and I totally got tanned.... This is not a good thing, according to all the Taiwanese people here.  I keep telling them that the people in America would love to be the color I am now.  A nice deep golden brown.  Like a roasted marshmallow....: P
Anyways, I learned a lot from Sister Smith.  I need to talk more to people.  I always freeze up, because I don't know what to say, or I'm afraid that the way I say it will not make sense.  But Sister Smith just talks.  And you can tell people really like her.  It could be because she's Caucasian though.  Everywhere we went, people where staring....  Anyways, she is also very caring.  On our way to the train station, so we could exchange back to our normal companions, we ended up stopping, because she saw an old grandpa trying to get his bike onto his wheel chair.  So we ended up helping him, and talked with him a little, which was confusing, because he kept trying to speak to us in Japanese with Taiwanese....  But he had the cutest smile.  I learned that I need to be more aware of the people around me, so I can help and serve.
Hot Pot
That's really what missionary service is.  Service…..  To everyone!  Missionaries love to serve!  This week, we had the opportunity to help a couple of people clean out an old dorm building, owned by a different church.  It led to us being able to visit with one of them, and talk to her a little bit.  She was super sweet, although, she doesn't believe that there can only be one true religion. Anyways, she made us eat dinner, though we ate like 15 minutes before going to her house.  We've been getting a lot of people who insist on feeding us.  Probably because Heavenly Father knows we are running low on food money, since it is towards the end of the month... :P 
Hmm... What else, oh! Yesterday, on our way to church, we pulled over, since Liu JM had to answer the phone.  So, I was just waiting with my bike, when a lady who was on a walk approached me and gave me a weird look.  She then proceeded to say "Are you exercising? Your skirt isn't very convenient to wear while exercising."  I laughed, and told her we were on our way to church.  And she was like: "On a bike?"  And I just said, yup.  And she just said "Oh," gave me a weird look, and walked away. 
Anyways, don’t really have much more time to write... sorry.... They keep giving us things to do, which take up our computer time.  So, spiritual thought.
Hmm...  I'm trying to think of one...  I forgot my journal... da di da di da...
I guess today I'll write on the importance of having weaknesses.  We are all imperfect.  God made us that way.  Why?  Well, when we have weaknesses, we have things that we must improve.  We can progress.  If we were all perfect, what would be the point of life?  There would be no learning, no use for gaining new experiences.  God gave us our weaknesses so that we could grow.  He also gave us weakness so that we would rely upon him.  I believe in Ether 12:27 we can find a scripture that says something to the sense of we have weaknesses so we can be made strong. 
Our weaknesses can be anything.  It can be pride, lack of faith, fear of people, scholastic weaknesses, physical weaknesses, spiritual weakness, etc...  But we all have the power to make our weaknesses become strengths.  We just need to be willing to put forth the effort necessary.  We must be willing to push ourselves.  We must be willing to grow.
Yup, that's about it... Oh! I forgot! This week was Liu JM's Birthday!! Happy Birthday to my companion, who is super awesome!!! :D
Sister Peng's bed is the one with a bear on it
Bathroom with the door-less shower
Anyways... I can't think of anything else to write... I'm exhausted!  But I'll upload some pics of my apartment

and such.... yup...: D
Love you all! Stay Strong! Be not afraid, for the Lord, thy God is with thee, whithersoever thou goest!
Love, Sister Peng
Sister's Peng's pet egg - so adorable!!!

McDonalds - White is chicken sandwich, brown is beef

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