Monday, July 1, 2013

One Month Down!

Dear Mom and Everyone else,
I bring you peace.

Da Jia Hao!!!!  Wow, another week has past! I can't believe it!  Every day seems to drag out, except Sundays and Mondays, and the weeks are still flying by!  What I can't believe is that we are now in July!  I've been at the MTC for a MONTH! And I have just one more to go!!!  I am getting super excited to go to Taiwan.  Sometimes I wish that they would just let me go already... But I know that I could do with some more training... But I also know that once I get to Taiwan, it'll be easier to learn Chinese, since I'll be immersed in it!  I am super excited to leave to Taiwan because then I'll get to eat Chinese food again.  I really miss my Mom's cooking... And my grandma's cooking... and even my own cooking! Haha!  The food here is okay, just not the best nor the healthiest.  My favorite part, unfortunately is the desserts... but I try and limit myself... Haha! So far I'm doing well though, I haven't gained any weight! That's always a plus! Haha! :)
Anyways, once again, I'm going to organize my email by days, since it makes it easier for me to make sure I catch all of the highlights. :)

Last Monday:
I love all P-days.  But this P-day, I got a yummy package from my mum which contained pineapple bread, peaches, cherries, and coconut bread.  There was also some belts, but that was a necessity and can not be eaten...  But I am still thankful for them!  I also got some notes in the box, from my mom and my cousin Kaitlyn.  I love them sooo much!  My mom and grandparents were actually in California this past week, and I really wished I could have been with them... Especially since it was for my cousin's baptism and it was during my Mom's birthday... Sigh... Of course, there are sacrifices that you must make as a missionary, and I know it'll all be worth it once I get back. :)

Well, most of my highlights for Tuesdays will be about devotionals.  I love devotionals!  This one was by Janice Kapp Perry, who is very famous in the LDS music world.  Anyways, her and her husband are sooo cute!  I want a relationship like theirs soo bad once I get married (which won't be for a while... haha! )  But they are soo funny together.  Of course, any relationship that starts out with the first line of: Those lips look like they could be doing something more important than playing a clarinet" is bound to be an awesome one!  When Sister Perry was telling us that story, as soon as that line was out of her mouth, her husband came over and kissed her in front of all the missionaries!  He then promptly threw his fist in the air.  You can tell they love each other soo much! 

I love Weds!  We get new missionaries!  This past week, we got about 50 new Mandarin speaking missionaries!  And guess what! I know two of them!  One is Sister Maddie Taylor, that I went to Jr High with.  She's going to Australia!  The second is Sister Ellie Garlitz, who was one of my best friends in 6th grade!  She's going to Hong Kong!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her! Small world! :)

Thursdays aren't normally my favorite day.  But I loved this Thursday for the fact that we got our Cafeteria back (it was taken over by the new mission presidents this past week).  I ate a bagel for breakfast.  Had curly fries and a burger for lunch.  And for my dessert for dinner( which was a bowl of minestrone soup) I had a rice crispy!  I love curly fries and rice crispies! They are my favorites... Haha! I have many favorites, but those are my MTC favorites.  The MTC also has really good Better Than Anything cake... but it's not very healthy for you... :(  And gross fact, we found a  hair in one slice of it... so that kind of made me want to take a break from eating that cake... I'll stick with my rice crispies... :)

The gigantic apple that Sister Peng got from her Aunt Evie.

Well... This morning started out with a fire alarm.  Don't worry, there was no fire!  Just a bunch of garbage that was placed in front of one of the manual triggers for the alarm.  A custodian was piling the garbage into a cart thing, and when she pushed down on the garbage, it pushed down on the alarm.  I was brushing my teeth when it happened.  So I had to hurry and rinse my mouth, find my companion and go outside.  It was not very fun, because I hadn't put in my contacts yet... So I couldn't really see anything.  Ah well! At least it wasn't something serious. :)  And it gave me a good story to write in my email. Actually, it's not that great of a story.  It would be better if I had more time to write about it... and really, it would be better if it was a more exciting event... but you use what you have. :)

This Saturday, we got to teach in the TRC.  Which means we got to teach real people (most of which are members).  We had the opportunity to teach the cutest couple who actually both served in my mission! They didn't meet in Taiwan, but they met at a mission reunion.  They were super nice, and we definitely had the spirit in the room when we were teaching and talking. :)
Saturday was also our One month Mark!  I wanted to do something exciting... but I forgot... :(  Oh well!  I'll do something exciting for now on for every month anniversary.  I think next month, I'll get on a plane and fly to Taiwan! Hahaha! :)

I love Sundays, did I ever mention that before? Probably!  Haha, I just really love Sundays!  Appreciate your Sundays!  It's a day that should be for rest, but also for remembering the Lord.  Of course, every day as a missionary is dedicated to serving the Lord, but on Sundays, you are less busy so you can really FOCUS on the Lord.  Anyways, we had a great relief society where Sherie Dew, who is apparently well known... talked to us about becoming smarter spiritually.  By this she meant to: Remember who you are: A child of God.  Learn what the Savior Jesus Christ did for you through his Atonement and his gospel.  Learn how to receive personal revelation through the spirit.  And Learn how God's power can help you.  During Our evening devotional, the speaker, I forgot his name.... But he's going to be the MTC president for Mexico, I believe, also gave a very good talk.  He told us that we are the only ones who can determine the out come of our missions.  Only we can decide if our mission is going to be a success or not.  Only we can decide if we are going to make everyday a good day.  Nothing else can control us.  Not the people.  Not the places.  And not the WEATHER.  Weather really stood out to me, since I am such a wimp when it gets really hot... I don't like the heat... But it's okay, I'll get used to it.  Actually, I am really surprised that I am doing well so far in the heat right now.  I've heard that we are in record temperatures!  But so far, I actually think it feels good! but that's probably because our class room is FREEZING! At least where us Sisters sit.... Apparently the Elders are all very hot.... :P

This Monday has been pretty good so far. The temple is closed, so we had to find other things to do with our time.  I've just been learning to write my testimony using characters... my right hand is dead! haha!  And I know the characters aren't the best... but I've been trying! Haha! I'll attach a picture of what I have so far... There are two characters missing because I couldn't figure out how to write them.. the dictionary I was looking at is very small, and I can't really see the lines clearly.... Anyways....

Since I've been at the MTC for a Month I'll write a list of changes I've seen in myself:
1.  I don't mind the heat as much... at least not lately.  It's a bit weird! I miss the cold though...
2. My Chinese is hopefully better.  I can now share my testimony and pray and teach lessons!  (Oh, by the way, I've given my first few practice baptismal invites already! Haha! Oh and I can recite the missionary purpose and Joseph Smith's first vision in Chinese. :)
3. Jeans feel weird... I'm not used to pants anymore....
4.  I have a greater appreciation for mail and emails! Haha! :)  So please, send them my way! Preferably letters and maybe packages! Haha! I'm not begging..,. ;P  (PLEASE WRITE HER IF YOU HAVE ANY TIME...SHE WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL)

Anyways! I've got to go! Almost out of time! Love you all! Wo Ai Nimen!!! 
Zai Jian!
Perhaps this will help with his Chinese pronunciation?

Sister Nicholle Peng

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