Friday, May 3, 2013

School's Over!

Well, I finished my last semester until after I go on my mission! It was really weird leaving the place I've lived at for the last school year.  I've made so many good friends and memories, and it's sad to have to leave them all behind for the next 18 months.  However, I'm glad to be done with finals, and It's nice to think I won't have to worry about tests and homework for a while!  I'm trading all that in for a different kind of work. :D

I thought that once I was done with school, I would be less stressed.  However, that's not so.  I'm kind of freaking out since I have less than a month left at home before I leave to the MTC!  I have soo much things I have to do!  I need to study, practice Mandarin, unpack from college, and pack for my mission!  I also have to finish up shopping for some essentials that I haven't had the chance to get yet. 

Crazy enough, I don't really like shopping.  I always feel soo guilty spending money, but there's nothing you can do when the majority of your closet isn't "mission appropriate."  For a mission, dresses skirts have to be below knee to mid-calf length. Unfortunately, most of my dresses are knee length, and my skirts are maxi skirts, which are too long (sad face!).  I also have to find skirts and dresses I can ride a bike in (Taiwan is a biking only mission!  Skirts+Bikes are going to be an interesting combo...).

Anyways, skirts are hard to find these days.  I recommend going to places like the Target, DI, Savers, Ross, Gordmans (Love this place!), Marshall's, Down East (which can be pricy...  But they have pockets!), and Plato's Closet.  I was on a budget, so I tried to find places where I could get cheap, nice skirts.  If you have more money you can go to the mall and look at places like Dillards, Bohme, and such.  There are also great websites that I've heard of like, and  You can also try the Sister Missionary Mall in Provo.  I didn't buy anything there, but I've heard a lot of girls who have, and there stuff is guaranteed to be mission appropriate.

That's enough clothes talk though...  There are many other sister missionary blogs that can give you better advice.  Anyways, if you follow guidelines and use common sense, you'll do fine.  Sometimes, I'm so jealous of elders.  They only need to worry about getting a couple of suits and white shirts and ties.  It's so much easier!  But that's okay, girls do get to have more fun with their outfits. :)  And I'll be thankful to have skirts instead of trousers when I'm in the hot, humid climate of Taiwan. :)

Since I've tried to give some advice for physical preparations for a mission, I should probably try giving some sort of spiritual advice as well.  From all of the missionaries I've contacted, they say that there is nothing better than reading Preach My Gospel and reading the scriptures on a daily basis.  Preach My Gospel, though it cam seem to take forever to get through is pretty much a missionaries guide book.  It tells you how to teach, and what to teach.  The scriptures are important, duh, because they are literally filled with our Heavenly Father's words.  They are filled with the instructions not only to life, but how to be an effective missionary.  One particular chapter that every missionary should read is Alma 17.  :)

Well, that's all for today... I'm going to try and unpack my college stuff and clean my room a bit.  Until next time!

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