Monday, September 1, 2014

9/1/14 ~ It's so nice to find investigators again!

1). What are your plans for the day?
Well, today we are going up to the Chuan Dao Bu (Mission home), since sister Berrey's dad dropped off a package for her.  and also we are going to go shopping at the Zhong You Mall. Yay! Shopping! Oh! Also, my card isn't working at ATM's..... idk why... it hasn't worked since I moved up here....

2). What do you like the best about Sister Berrey?  At you guys having any obstacles with each other?
She is super diligent and hardworking~ So far, we are doing so well with each other.

3).  How many people came to church yesterday?  Any less actives or investigators? We had three LA’s and 1 really cool investigator.  There were like 30 ish people okay, maybe more... I'm so bad at estimating....

4).  Have you had any yummy from the night market?
They have these little bao tze things, that are soooo yummy! Also, there is a pretty good bing place.  I'm so happy that we are coming back next year, I can show you around!

5). Are you getting stronger? Is it less difficulty to ride up those hills of Donghai?  Did you get your breaks fixed.
I think I'm getting stronger. It's still super hard to bike, but I don't need to stop and rest... mind you, I am begging to stop and rest in my head.... hahaha! Especially when we road up the hill at noon.  It was soooooooo hot! Yes, my brakes now stop my bike.  I also got new handle bars, since the bike shop people laughed at my torn up shreds of rubber that used to be handle bars....

6). Do you sleep in the inside edge of your bed.  That picture you sent scares me as there is no railing on the outside your bed and the floor is tile.  That is not friendly drop.
I pretty much hug the wall. Haha! Just kidding, I learn that I don't really move much in my sleep.  Anyways, I tuck in the outer side of my blankets and sheets, so I don't drape off the bed.

7). What is the size of your apartment?  What floor are you on?  Do the elders live close to you guys?  Is your bed comfy?
Our apartment is a bit smaller, but still okay. We are on the second floor.  Idk where the elder's live, a bit further away.... they live like  7 minutes biking from the church, we live like 2 minutes walking....  My bed is comfy!

8). What is the best place y have found to eat there?
Umm.... Me and my companion like buying fruit from a market and eating it at a bakery.  The fruit is soo good! I don't eat much here.  I think I'm too tired and hot to eat. Haha!

9).  Do you think in Chinese now?  How about your dreams?  What language.  Can you say most things you want to talk about in Chinese?
I ponder in Chinese sometimes.  I think my dreams are mostly in English... idk... I can say the majority of what I want to say.  It's still not perfect... gr... I'm definitely wanting to look into taking Chinese when I get back, also to practicing with the grandparents.
Dearest Mum, Regan, and my loved ones all over the globe,

I hope that you are having a good day/night.  I'm doing pretty well myself.  I love P-days, especially since it's the only time I can really communicate with people that I love and miss dearly.  As a missionary, you come across a lot of memories and such that you just want to share with those you are closest to, only to remember that they are a million of miles away... ah well, thank goodness for technology! Though, sometimes technology is crazy.  I don't know about the states, but here, I don't know the difference between tablets/iPads, and smart phones.  There's people holding tablets to the side of their heads and talking just as you would do with a normal phone... only, it looks very silly! Anyways, that's a random tangent....

So this week went by rather smoothly.  It's still been hard trying to find new investigators, but we are finding them! We hit mission standards this week and met with three new investigators! Yay! So exiting! And they are all pretty awesome!  We also met with another investigator that Sister Berrey hasn’t seen for a few weeks and she is great as well. I'll tell you about them in just a second.... I probably should do things in order...

So on Monday, we had a nice peaceful, nothing really happened... Oh! But we met with Su JM who is an awesome member who is working slowly on introducing the rest of her family (her husband and child) to the church.  She is awesome! I just wish she wasn't so busy so she could help our investigators become awesome as well. :P :D

Tuesday we met with Tian JM (LA) who really hit it off with our peike (Memeber who helped us in the lesson), Cai JM.  We all felt the spirit as we shared our testimonies of the Sacrament and about sharing experiences of when God guided our lives through the spirit (Because the promise blessing in the Sacrament prayer is that we will always have His Spirit to be with us).  And Tian JM was able to come to sacrament meeting! Yay! I love progression!  We also had DTM about asking inspired questions.  That was fun, we played a game, where we sat in a circle and we each had to use questions to answer the question of the person before us, who asked a question to answer the question before them.  So fun! So confusing! And it was cool to see how questions just open up your mind to learning.  So, as missionaries, we need not only be an answerer to questions, but an asker as well.  Teach as Jesus taught!  Oh, and then we also met with an Indonesian Muslim named Hyuni, who was cute, but not really interested.  We sat with her in the Park as she was taking care of an old grandma.  The Grandma is so funny and cute. :D  And sitting in the park with them was so relaxing.  We had to use very simple English when talking to her, so it was interesting pondering on how to make each statement about the gospel simple and yet complete.  The Gospel is simple, and we need to share it in a way that cannot be misunderstood. 

On Wednesday we met with a Wei XJ who was this cute mom.  She seems really open minded to learning more, she is just afraid of having opposition from her family.... So we are praying for her, and hope to meet with her again.  We also met with Chen JM (LA) and shared with her about the Sacrament as well.  She is recovering from Cancer, and so she can't go to places with a lot of people... so we just have to wait for her recuperation period to pass, and then encourage her to go to church again!  Then we had a Li Mama and Baba (LA's) invite us to dinner.  They got us missionaries a whole bunch of food! It was soo yummy! They are sooo funny! Li Mama is so sassy, and her husband always is joking around and trying to trick us missionaries. :P They are inactive due to work, but they are so funny, since they encourage everyone else they know to go and learn about the gospel.  We also had English Class, which went by really smoothly, in comparison to the other times...  We got a book that was about vehicles and shared that with the kids, then we drew with them.  So fun!

 Thursday we spent a good amount of time over helping an RC family clean the new apartment they are moving into.  This RC Family, Zheng Family, is AWESOME! They are moving so they live closer to the church! And they gave talks in Church, the parents did, and you wouldn't have guessed that they've only known about the church for less than a year! I love them so much!
After cleaning up real fast, we went to visit a Liu JM who is Indonesian.  She is... interesting... she is going to need a lot of help to come back to church...

 Friday was... interesting... It was weekly planning, which we normally block off three hours and do it all at once... but this Friday we didn't have that amount of time... so we did WP in three one hour blocks. Haha! We met with three investigators too!  The first one was a Lin JM who is 18 and really cute.  She loved prayer!  Then we met with Qiu JM who is a mom, and we got through about half of the first lesson with her, since she likes to talk.  But, she is very open.  She just has a harder time believing what she can't see... Then we met with Xu JM, and Chen JM (Our peike member) and talked about the Plan of Salvation.  Xu JM is our neighbor, and when we left, she came out side with us and Chen JM, and then we had to go back upstairs to our apartment.  We came down after an hour of WP to find them still chatting up a storm.  They saw us, looked at the time, and were a bit embarrassed! Haha! :D  They are such good friends now!  We also had dinner with the ward mission leader, his wife and son, and Joelle.  We ate hot pot! yumm!!! With free ice cream!  Do you remember the Joelle I talked about sometimes when I was in Ping Dong (My first area?) Well, it's the same Joelle! :D  She now lives in my area, once again. :D Isn't that funny?

Saturday we met with Chen JM an awesome member who first ran into the church by running into a missionary with her motor scooter. Haha!  She has such a strong testimony!  And we also had a lesson with Jiang family, who is from the Philippines, with Weng Family as well.  It was a mini party, in which there was a lot of food, and we had the kids teach us the Plan of Salvation (Sister Berrey and I were investigators. Haha!)  Oh! Also, we tracted into this old lady who was just oogling at Sister Berrey, since Sister Berrey is beautiful and does not look like a Taiwan person. :P  And I told the old lady Sister Berrey's hair was red because of the amount of carrots she ate.  She totally believed me for a good minute! Haha! It was soo funny! Oh! We also met with this lady who owns a restaurant, Lai JM.  She says we are welcome any time to come to talk about the gospel, and she wants to introduce her customers to us! Haha!

So, the Highlight of yesterday was Xiao Lin JM, an investigator who came to church! We taught her the first lesson afterwards, amidst a bunch of chatting on her part.  She loves to talk!  But, she loved what we were teaching her, so much so she kept giving us high fives! Haha!  She is looking for a church that is led by God and not man.  I believe she has come to the right place. :D

Okay, this week has been busy and fun.  I'm going to end the email now, before I run out of time to email my mission president and such.  I love you all! Have a good week! Love you!!!!

Love, Sister Nicholle Peng


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