Monday, April 14, 2014

A Week Full of Changes! Sister Peng is now serving in..........

Hello Mom and the World,
Well... today was crazy, fun, sad, happy and full of changes.  But due to shortness of time and me being short (well, that really has nothing to do with anything) I will try to explain everything that has happened using the most brevity as I can....

So, well... Guess what!  On Monday, I pretty much chopped off my hair!  Well, I didn't chop it, a lady at a hair cutting place chopped it, and she didn't really chop, she used a pair of scissors and cut off bits at a time.  But still.  My hair is sooo short! But I love it! I only regret one thing: Not cutting it off sooner!  Haha! It's also led to a lot of people giving me double takes, commenting on how I look way different, asking if I was too hot with long hair, and then telling me that I look younger and peppier (though, if I look younger I might be in trouble...  I'm only 20, and people already feel like I'm too young to be a missionary... ah well...) I love my short hair! I'll try and add pictures in a sec....

Second things.... Oh! On Wednesday we had our English Class party, where we held a luau.  Well, kind of.... We had paper lei making, whale origami, limbo and beach ball games.  The walls were decorated with an ocean theme (a bunch of paper fish, octopus and sea turtle with a random Palm Tree).  And the food comprised of cake, salad, chips and coconut milk.  People seemed to have fun, which was good, and it was hard to get them to stop making the paper leis so we could go home (the leis were my idea and responsibility, meaning I had to clean up when they were done...)  Also, I met a really cute girl who's English name is Rose.  She is super excitable, and is like my new best friend! Haha!  When I called her to invite her to General Conference she was like: "Ah! Peng Jie Mei!  I am soo happy to hear your voice!  How are you? Why did you think to call me? Did you miss me?  I will go to the Conference thing!  I'll look for you and we can talk?" After hanging up, I couldn't stop laughing for a long time.  It's been a long time since someone was that excited to answer my phone calls. :D

Third Things... General Conference!  I love General Conference! And this year, it was sooo good!  Unfortunately, I forgot my notes... since... well, I'll tell you in a second.  But I learned a lot.  I do really like President Uchdorf's talk on being Grateful no matter our situation.  It takes more faith and strength of character to be grateful, even when things are going wrong.  We must not only be grateful for things, we must be grateful in the midst of all things.
Fourth Things... Well, on Saturday, I got a call in the evening.... soo.... yeah... it was about move call.... I am no longer serving in Tainan.  I moved this morning to Zhang Hua Third Ward.  So, I moved about 2 hours north of where I used to be, and so that explains why I am emailing later than normal.  Anyways, when the call came I was super surprised.  Everyone thought that I would be staying and Sister Park would be leaving, since I was newer to the area.  Also, we had heard that they were going to add a set of sisters to the first ward in Tainan, so we thought they were just going to end up splitting us... well...  nope, I got moved!  And I packed in a jiffy.  I was sooo sad to leave.  Though, thanks to General Conference, I didn't have to do a good bye testimony in front of the ward, which would have been filled with tears.  I made so many friends in the short 3 months that I was there.  And I am so sad to leave them.  But I know that we'll have the chance to meet again.  And by that time, I am hoping some of the investigators we've been meeting with will get baptized!  I also really miss my companion Sister Park, she was awesome, and she was always loving and trying to help me.  I will be forever grateful for her.

Fifth Things: On my train up this morning, I was sitting in my seat on the train.  I was bored, since I wasn't traveling with anyone, and I was seated next to a man (we can't talk to people of the opposite gender without a companion) and he was really absorbed in his phone.  I started taking pictures of the scenery outside.  And then I was looking around the interior of the Train when I saw a passenger in the front of the car with blondish brownish hair.  I musingly thought that it would have been fun if it was Sister Schultz who was my companion in Ping Dong, but I brushed off the though, thinking that there were a lot of other Caucasians in Taiwan, and the chances of me being on the same train with Sister Schultz would be small...  Then I saw the person's arm, which was covered in a pinkish sweater, about the same pink as the sweater that Sister Schultz often wore.... Well...  I kept feeling that I should go and take a look to see if my suspicions were correct.... and I fought with myself for about 10 minutes, not wanting to hassle the man sitting next to me in the aisle seat....  But then I thought I would regret not going and seeing, if it really was her.  So, I stood up, walked up the aisle, and there she was! Sister Schultz was moving from Ping Dong to Taizhong!

It was sooo good to see her! And she gave me a bunch of updates about Ping Dong, including the fact that Amber is getting baptized!!!!!!!  I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!  I'm sure it was God's planning that put us together on the Train.  He knows how much I love Sister Schultz and Ping Dong.  I am also glad I took the chance to go and see, even though I felt soo stupid.  So, here is a lesson to us all.  Take chances, make mistakes, but have no regrets.  Sometimes we'll get promptings to do something, promptings from the Holy Ghost (God's Messenger) and they will lead us to choices of happiness.  So follow the promptings, no matter how inconvenient you might, at first, think they are. 
Sixth things: So, Zhang Hua.  I've heard my area is big.  Sister Fuller is my companion (she and I just switched companions-her old companion went to Tainan).  She is super nice and is super pretty!  I'm sure we'll have fun together.  Also, Zhang Hua.... well... It's windy! Really Windy!  And we went to eat at a yummy pizza place.... Yup, that's pretty much all I know about Tainan!

As to other things, I forgot what I planned to write about... that's pretty much it....  I am so tired and thirsty... I need to buy a new water bottle...  I'm sure this is all relevant things that you need to learn....

So, well, I guess I might have failed at brevity... Ah well, it was a crazy week.  Probably one of the craziest on my mission so far.  But I'm ready for more craziness.  It makes you feel alive! Haha! Also, when we did our weekly plan for this week (I was still in Tainan at the time) one of my goals was to try something new.... So... I did! I will be trying a whole new area! Haha! Wish me luck!

I love you all!  I know that Heavenly Father truly loves you!  I'm so grateful to be able to serve as God's servant, and I know he has not only blessed me through these last few months, but he has blessed my family and friends.  I know that the only way to have true happiness is through true faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Learn of him, learn his teachings, and see for yourself if his promises are true.  I know that if anyone is willing to humble themselves and come unto Christ, their lives will change and they will never want to go back.

Until Next time!
Sister Nicholle Peng

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