Monday, February 17, 2014

I've come across many weird/interesting things here in Taiwan

1) Did you have a good day on your birthday?  Did you get my birthday card to you?  Did you feel of my love for you?  Did you get Regan's card?  Did you get cards from many people?   I had a great birthday.  I haven't gotten any cards except the one that Reed sent me and the one Kara's mom sent me....

2). Have you been more opinionated this week?  Heeheeehee!    I've tried to be.  But yeah, I don't like being opinionated, it makes me grumpy when I don't get my way.  I kind of don't understand this...

3). Did you talk to President Blickenstaff about your release date?  No... I probably should do that....

4)  Any members invite you and your companion to dinner?  You guys don't seem to get as many dinner appointments as some other missions.  Nope.  Yeah, Taiwan missions don't really get fed often.

5). How many investigators do you now have?  How many people average attend sacrament meeting?  Uh.... it's not a happy number, a lot of them have yet to come back.

Budda Fruit
6) Are the New Year celebrations how over?  Did you ever end up anything unusual for New Years?   I got a picture of my fruit.  I'll try and upload.

7). Were you able to get some cute outfits for your birthday?  Nope.  but I got a cute bag that is designed with pictures from England.... heehee

8). Have the distance you have to bike reduced drastically?  How about the traffic?  Is it much worse?  Are you adjusting to the change well?  Yeah, not really.  We get lost, and we ride back and forth a lot.  Traffic is fine.  I miss my bigger area though.

9). How is your toe healing?  
Good, I don't think I'll even lose the nail, since there wasn't too much pressure from blood, since a lot of it bled out.   Only half the nail is purple and it doesn't hurt.  I can run. :D
Hello Mum and all the fantastic people in this world (yes, you are all fantastic-stop being so humble),

Well, this week was pretty "bei-bai"- Taiwanese for "bu cuo" in Chinese- which directly translated into English means "not bad" which means it was GOOD! Yay!  Well, for all of those who know me, you may have noticed that it was MY BIRTHDAY! Isn't that weird?  I am now 20 years old, which means I would still not be eligible to serve a mission in the good’ olé days when the mission age requirement for sisters was 21.  In fact, it's so weird to think that by time I get back, I'll still be 20!  People keep joking that I'm getting sooo old, but I still feel so young.... was also the end of Chinese New Year, Sister Kara Ann Beckstead's Birthday, Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, Charles Darwin's Birthday, the Death day of the 9 Day Queen (Jane Grey?) and it was also Valentine’s Day.  So Happy New Year! Happy birthday! And... um...(death day's aren't really happy so...)... Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, as to my birthday, I am so grateful for my companion, who really went all out.  She kept surprising me with treats and cards that I don't even know how she got a hold of, since we were together 24/7.  Pretty sure she got the help of a really cute member named Guan Tin.  I need to do something to thank them.  Anyways, it was super great.  And I also bought myself some treats, before I knew she got me treats so... there goes my plans for not eating treats.... haha! I'll try and upload some pictures.  I still don't know if I trust these computers, but it hasn't harmed any of the other missionaries SD cards... so....

Sister Park & Sister Peng

Anyways, a word to describe the rest of this week would be: COLD.  It was COLD in Taiwan.  Like, I wore my trench coat thing (which reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and I was still cold.  Sister Park, being from Korea, refrained from wearing anything thicker than a sweater... so she was cold.... even though she said she wasn't going to be.

As to actual missionary work... well... yeah, it's been a bit rough.  Still praying that our investigators come back soon, so I can actually meet them.  We did meet with our investigator who goes by the English name Eileen.  She is so awesome!  I really think she will get baptized though, we might have to refer her back to the sister missionaries who referred her to us, since, even though she lives in Tainan during the weekend (she takes care of her parents) she can't come to our church because of the time (she volunteers on Sunday Morning) and since the church that is close to her actual home starts at a later time, it's more convenient for her to go back... so.... Ah well, as long as she gets baptized and is converted, I'll be happy because I know she'll be closer to the Lord.

We also met with Huang JM who is our investigator and is the wife of our ward's mission coordinator.  She is awesome and will for sure be baptized in March (she will be baptized by her son who is currently serving in Taipei, but he has permission to come home for a day to baptize her!).  Her faith is so strong!  Yay!  And she is the only person in her family who isn't a member, so after she is baptized, they can prepare to be sealed together forever as a family!

We've been working a lot with Less Actives, since this area has a TON.  Though, most of them still refuse to come to church.  But we have three who have started coming back in the period I've been here, so that's been fun.  I especially love a Su JM.  She is so cute!  She has a lisp!  But she is so eager to learn about Christ again.  So awesome!

Oh, almost forgot, on Sunday, we had our stake conference.  It was exciting, because I noticed that I understood pretty much everything! Also, it was a miracle that we even got to the church, since it was a church neither me nor my companion had ever gone to, and we had to bike there.  We prayed that we would receive guidance to be able to get their smoothly, and sure enough we ran into a member who was going to stake conference, and was willing to lead us.  Yay!  I kept thinking about how life really needs heavenly guidance in order for us to reach our true destination, and it was cool that the first talk was talking about how our scriptures are like our map back home to our Father in Heaven.

So, during stake conference a major topic was about member+missionary work. EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY!  That's something I didn't ever think about before I started preparing for my mission.  But did you know that one of our baptismal covenants is that we will share the gospel with those around us, so that they too can partake of the love and blessings that come from the gospel?  So reach out to those in need, you can either straight out share with them, you can serve them, and then you can introduce them to the missionaries.  This is a work of Love!  So share God's Love through your own.

This week I compiled a short list of interesting/weird things here that I've come across in Taiwan....
  • "Pudding Burger American School"- I saw a billboard for this school.  I want to go! Perhaps they serve pudding and burgers every day to make the students more "American" like....  Or they put pudding on their burgers.....
  • Tomatoes in Honey bunches of Oats with Bananas- My companion says it's actually pretty good.... uh....
  • Tomatoes in FRUIT SALADS.  I know that tomatoes are really fruit... but I still can't bring myself to eat them in my fruit salads.... even if they are good for you....
  • The English translation of: Hot Dogs as "Submarine Burgers"
  • English translation mix up: It was a waffle cart that said :MUFFINS
  • Ice-cream on french bread- shared by my companion... actually not bad
  • Chicken flavored EVERYTHING! Like.... CHEETOS
  • Walking your pet rabbit down the street...
  • Walking your pet ferrets down the street.
Anyways, that pretty much sums up my week.... Oh! I also ate a BURRITO! But it was interesting, since inside had Indian curry flavored chicken.... and I ate it with some Korean grilled veggies.. soo... I'm being very culturally diverse.

I hope you all have a good week! Love you all!  Thank you for your love and encouragement!  Until next time!
Sister Peng

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