Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Official! Sister Peng has actually transferred to a new area!

Dear Mom and everyone else,

Well, this week has been crazy! I feel like I've stuffed a whole year into the matter of a few days.... So, sorry if this email ends up being short (haha) or completely scrambled, because I am EXHAUSTED!

So, I guess the most important thing that's on the list to report is that I'm no longer in Ping Dong.  I am now in Tainan!  So, I just got here about a couple of hours ago, after a long train ride, so I'm ready for bed.  I can't really tell you much about Tainan, since I haven't really experienced it yet.  It seems a lot busier that Ping Dong.... A lot more people, cars and motorbikes....  But it seems very pretty.  It's definitely a lot more city than Ping Dong.  And the roads aren't as flat, they have a few hills.  Though that's fine, considering all I know about Tainan from other missionaries and Taiwan people is that the food is very good.... And I'm trying to see if I can lose weight... though, that might have to wait until after New Years, my goal then is to not gain ANY weight.... we'll see....

My new companion is Sister Park, and she is Korean.  Isn't that cool, or what?  Her Chinese is pretty good, considering the fact that she was studying China Business or something like that.  So, it looks like I'll be using Chinese a lot more this move call.  I don't really know much about her yet.  Since, I just met her.  She is super cute.  I actually did see her in the MTC, since she was in the generation above me, but I never really had the chance to talk with her.  Also, I was a bit more shy back then.  I'm still shy, but now I hide it by pretending that I just know everyone..... yeah.... it doesn't help that we all have name tags so people just know your name right off the bat, so they just greet you by saying: Sister Peng, how have you been?  And it's like the first time you've ever met them..... Yup... it confuses my poor little head....  So I just go with the flow.

Anyways, you may have noticed from the week before, I said that I would be moving on Friday.... and then the fact that I got to my new area today.... Well, Since Sister Schultz was training; I got kicked out of Ping Dong before move call, much to my sadness.... But it was okay; they sent me up to Taizhong (Zhong Ming) to be with Sister Paey and Sister Bell.  I had so much fun with them!  While I was with them, I attended two baptisms, a YSA (Young Single Adults) activity, and we went to visit a lot of really cool people.  Sister Paey and Sister Bell are AWESOME missionaries!  They really made me feel comfortable and they are great examples of stellar missionaries. 

I didn't know where my actual area was until Sunday morning, so it was just a waiting game when I was with them.... But I really thought that I would get sent somewhere in Taizhong.... Well... I was very wrong on that matter.  I traveled three hours by train to get to Taizhong from Ping Dong and then I traveled 2 hours to get from Taizhong to Tainan (which backtracked my original journey). In fact, I passed by Tainan to get to Taizhong.... Ah well.... It was super fun being in Taizhong, and while I was there I actually ran into a less active member who I was trying to find in Ping Dong.  Her mother was actually one of the people getting baptized!  It totally blew my mind! But perhaps I was in Taizhong for a reason. :)

Other breaking news this week.... I might have broken my right big toe.... I don't know if it is actually broken, since I've just treated it myself and haven't gone to the doctor (Like everyone keeps telling me that I should do).  But I don't think it's really broken, since it doesn't really hurt anymore.  It's just swollen and I can't bend it yet (probably due to the swelling).  It also bleeds from under the nail, now and then, so I have it bandaged... though it looks a lot more severe than it really is, since I don't have any normal Band-Aids.... But anyways, how did I hurt my toe, you might ask?  Well... it's because a ping pong table collapsed on it... We were setting up for an English party.... and the we were moving the table, and it randomly decided that it wanted to follow the rules of gravity, more than it wanted to stand up by itself... sooo... yeah... my toe cushioned it's fall... kind of....  But anyways, I can still walk, for the most part, and biking hasn't changed.  I like biking more than walking now.... :P

Oh! And another cool thing! Amber, my American investigator in Ping Dong, gave birth to her son, Kayan, on Tuesday.  Yay! We've been waiting so long!  He was like 13 days overdue, but he was still small.  He's so cute! So, congratulations to her and her family!!!! :)

Funny thing that happened.  When we met with Peiwen (a Recent Convert), for my last time, we asked her to choose an opening hymn.... so, she flipped open the book randomly (which she always does, since she doesn't really know the songs) to "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."  How fitting!  

Looking back at this email, everything was written in pretty much anti-chronological order... wow.... I'm tired....  But, it was a great week!

So, this week, well technically since January 1, 2014, I've been doing a thankful journal.  I bought a little planner, which is soooo cute, on Monday and started filling it out with things that I was grateful for the day.  It has made me sooo happy! I can focus on the happy things in life, and I know that I've been given a ton of miracles!  This gratitude journal is just a precursor to an actual journal, because the last two move calls I've gotten out of the habit of writing, which is bad!  So, I'm starting off again by only writing a little bit each day.  The highlights all condensed into a few sentences.  But it makes me feel so happy!  My invite to you all is for you to start a gratitude journal!  And then do a thankful prayer after writing.  You'll notice God's hand in your life, and you'll be a lot happier.  I guarantee!

Anyways, Sorry, I'm tired.  I'll write more next week, once I get things figured out.  I love you all!  I miss you!  I miss Ping Dong!  But I know, it's only until "We meet again."

Love, Sister Peng

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