Monday, October 28, 2013

Transfers! Sister Peng is staying put! Pingtung for another 6 weeks!

Some Questions for the Week:

* How much of the people's Chinese do you now understand?  How much of Lui JM's Chinese are you understanding now?
I understand a lot of Chinese.... they just have to be a bit patient if they want me to answer. Haha! People say that my Chinese has improved a lot though.

* Do you teach the lessons as you plan them or do you teach by the spirit?  Do you have a specific lesson prepared but change it due to the spirit? 
We plan lessons, but of course they are pretty open.  We just plan a subject, a scripture and an invitation.  The rest is done by the spirit.  But if we need to change a subject, we do.  Most of our lessons change... haha!  Okay, not most, but a lot.

Greetings from the land of thousand year old eggs, dong gua cha, and two people to a wheel chair! How is every one doing????  Guess what! I am on my 3rd move call! Crazy!!! I have been here for about 3 months!  And I have been a missionary for about 5 months!!!! Crazy!!!! Time moves so fast!  I always say that, but this week seems to have flown by sooo quickly!  We have been super busy!
So first things first.... actually... it's not a first thing.... but it is a very, very big important thing!  MOVE CALLS!!!! So, I am still in Ping Dong, but my trainer, Liu JM is currently on a train headed to TAIZHONG!  So far away!  She is also going to be a sister training leader there.  Haha! She is going to be so busy! And it’s her last move call.  In 6 weeks, she'll be heading home!  I learned so much from her and I am grateful for the chance to serve with her.  If I were to list a few things that I have learned from her I would say that she taught me to always go the extra mile, always love everyone, always be organized and ready to go, always have patience and always laugh.  She is such a great example to me and will surly make an awesome Sister Training Leader! 

And so, now you are probably asking: So, who's your new companion?  Well, right now, I don't know!  Haha! Well, I know her name.  My new companion will be Sister Shultz... I probably spelled that wrong... She's most likely American.... since Schultz isn't a very Taiwanese name....  And I know that this will be her 6th move call, and her second area, and her second time being a Senior companion.  Other missionaries who know her say that she's awesome, and I'm sure she is.  Hopefully we'll see some miracles together, and that we'll both be able to learn a ton from our experiences together!
And now you're wondering, what am I doing in an internet cafe without a companion, since my old companion is on a train, and my new companion hasn't arrived yet.... Well, thank goodness for members!  I'm here with a very awesome member named Hu JM.  She has so kindly volunteered to accompany me today as I go about on my missionary P-day business.  But today has been crazy... And I'll have to ride in a lot of taxis... which isn't cheap, and isn't refundable by the Mission Home.... But what can you do?  Luggage doesn't fit well on bikes..... Especially when there is a lot of it.... Haha!  Anyways, my new companion won't get here till about 2, so I have to figure out what I want to do till then.... Yup.... Probably go to Jia Le Fu (Carrefour) and hang out with Hu JM. :) P-days are awesome! But today is so crazy!
Anyways... Also another fun thing that happened this week was our English Class Halloween Party!  It was so fun!  We set up a "Haunted House", did bobbing for apples, ate doughnuts off of strings, had a face painting booth, and had lots and lots of candy.  We actually had a lot of people show up, and it led to us "adding" several people, which means setting up times to meet with them and share the gospel.  Yay!!!  We really need to have new investigators... we need to find people who are willing to come unto Christ and be baptized!!! Haha! :D  Anyways, the activity was very very fun.  Though, it took a lot of time for us missionaries and some members to set up.... like all day long.... But it was soooo worth it!

So, a not so fun thing this week.... I learned that the park is not a very good place to teach a lesson.  We planned a lesson with Amber, our American Investigator, who ended up changing the location to the park, since her one year old son really wanted to go.  Anyways, after teaching a very spiritual lesson about the Gospel of Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End), I realized that my legs were completely covered in mosquito bites.... like probably 100 bites.... like.... not fun!!!  Liu JM also had quite a few, but mosquitoes like me more apparently.....  I don't like them very much at all....  So lessoned learned.  Don't have lessons in a park....

A better and more spiritual lesson was taught on Sunday.  Elder and Sister Davis, a senior missionary couple who is serving here in Taiwan as Family History Consultants, came and spoke during sacrament meeting.  They spoke about conversion, and how it wasn't a one-time process.  We need to be converted on a daily basis.  This is why scripture study, praying and going to church are so important! They add fuel to our spirit tanks. Haha!  If we forget to keep adding fuel, one day, we'll run out... and then what?  We forget our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  We lose our faith... And we stray from the light of the gospel.  To be baptized isn't enough to make you be converted for life.  You have to keep working to remain converted.  That's what some people don't realize.  They are baptized, then the stop progressing.  They think that baptism is the end.... but it's not! It's the beginning!  So keep studying the scriptures, pray always, and go to church every week.  In doing so, if you are sincere, you will never lose your conversion.  Come unto Christ!
Anyways, I know this email is a bit short, but I want to see if I can add some pictures... also, I still need to write some other people... like my mission president....
LOVE YOU ALL!!! Do something good this week!  Serve your neighbors!  Smile! Be happy!
Sister Nicholle Peng

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